LVW-5007 Firmware

Ok, I’ve tried the hack several times now. I’ve rebooted the unit, reset the unit, blah blah blah. After a few hours the time changes on it’s own and will not allow me to set it to the correct time. Is this happening to any other 5007 owners? Makes me think that when the unit gets the TVguide update it screws it up the time setting completely. I can’t imagine why it would refuse to set the time to something else, but it does.

Optimus-JD; Is it possible that your TV Guide scource has a time zone setting and that may be set to the incorrect time zone??
Regards; Pop’s

I replaced my 5007 after having trouble finding where to edit out unwanted channels. It turns out that this is part of the TV Guide menu structure. The clock on my new unit is acting strange, though. I don’t know if the firmware hack is affecting it but I doubt it is the problem. Perhaps some of these units have screwy clock circuitry and are faulty in some way. Another friend of mine just picked up one of these yesterday…I’m going to set it up for him and check out the clock BEFORE and AFTER the firmware hack update. This afternoon the display showed something like 0:30 when it was 12:30 pm. That seems weird. Tonight it is displaying the correct time. Also, the time is not dead on even if you try setting it over and over. Any ideas on this anyone? Plus, that now-available 3-hour LP speed is not available under the TV Guide scheduling menu when programming a timer recording, either automatically (by choosing what show you want recorded) or by setting the timer manually. The only place you can use the 3-hour LP mode is when manually starting and stopping the recording in real-time. Anybody find a work-around for this?

I had the same clock/time issues when I was setting up my unit. They resolved on their own the following day after the TV Guide feature completed its download.

I think my unit’s clock is working OK now…maybe needed to update from TV Guide?? BUT it doesn’t display 12:XX when powered off (I’m not sure about when it’s powered on); instead it shows 0:XX during the noon-time hour. Weird! Anyone else seen this oddity?? Other times appear to be correct. Quirky little bugger!

p.w. Now i’m a simple logical person,so I offer a simple logical answer. Could it be that in your set up,you’ve actually set your clock up 12 hours ahead of the actual time.(using the 12 hour clock rather than the 24 hour clock setting) So if you set the clock at 2 in the afternoon,you’ve set it at two in the morning by mistake.There would be some sort of a.m./pm indicator,maybe a small dot that you’ve not noticed.The fact that the time is only wrong for the hour after mid-day would account for this.If you were using the timer you would have noticed this but if you’re using an auto scheduler then maybe you wouldn’t!..Surely Liteon can get a clock right!..Anybody with a digital alarm clock will have made this mistake sometime or other,but when you dont turn in for work because it hasn’t gone off,you tend to notice your error!..Well,it was just a theory!

When my unit is powered on, the channel is displayed . When powered off, the time is displayed.

Pinball wizard,Sorry,you’re right…The 12 hour clock on the 5005 is also wrong.
If you want to set a timer recording for a minute past noon,then surely you would put in 12:01 not 00:01…I dont understand it but the timer seems to correct it…I use the 24 hour clock so I hadn’t noticed this before.Yet another hidden gem in the wonderful world of Liteon! :eek:

Hey robbie, I guess we both have a lot of free time on our hands…what with being field researchers for Lite-On! Check it out…I’ve checked over the past several days and the 12:00 hour is the only hour that appears to be screwed up. :confused: 12:XX always appers as 0:XX. Wonderful! All other times appear to be correctly displayed. Maybe Lite-On forgot there is a 12:XX in a standard clock?? Oh well, it seems to work OK even though it does this. As you say…another quirky trait of Lite-On recorders. Maybe this is a secret plot to keep customers engaged on the forum sites like this one!! BTW I did some recording of shows last night (found some great things I wouldn’t have found without that great TV Guide feature!) and one of the shows I recorded in SLP 6-hour mode. Actually it looked pretty good on playback. I don’t have a steller HD TV or anything but the quality was much better than my VCRs have been producing. Only had a brief look, but it was good. I just with that hidden (now unlocked) 3-hour LP mode was available within the TV Guide programming menu. Cheers!

i downloaded the file LNKA1039.ES1 , but i cannot get it to unzip. i would like the hack to add 3 hr mode and the macrovision. im new to all this. please help me out. thanks

The file you download is NOT a zip file. It is simply “LNKA1039.ES1” and is available here: Just go to that page and download the file under the listing for the 5007. When you have that file (it is 7.6MB in size) you then also need ILOHack.exe which is easy enough to also find and you then use the hack program to alter the .ES1 file to get the “new features.” It works great! I’ve done it on 3 units so far with great results! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the firmware hack let you record to any media as I’ve read one does for the 5005.

<still waiting for the LVW-5045>

Just purchased 5007 at Sears. Most of the time it works fine, but sometimes the unit latches-up (no control with remote or on unit): must unplug to reset. Called Support and was told they will send me a fix along with (2) blank DVD+R s. Anyone else having this latch-up problem?

I have the lock-up problems at times.
Do you know what fix they are sending?
I already installed the newest firmware.
I talked to customer support about this and
the IR Blaster not working with my stb today.
They did not offer a fix, maybe I didn’t correctly
report the problem to them.

Yesterday I helped a friend hook up his new 5007 unit (he purchased after I recommended he pick it up from Sears). His unit also was acting very strange out of the box. TV Guide buttons and some others on the remote didn’t work…the unit locked up and had to be unplugged repeatedly to start working. I thought it was toast but just for kicks I reloaded the firmware using a disk my original had in the drive when I openend the box (that was pretty weird…someone at the factory forgot to remove it and it was extremely scratched up but it worked; the box was clearly factory sealed and not opened by anyone else). Anyway, that cleaned up his unit and everything started working fine. I then tried copying Shrek from video to disk. It displayed “protected content” and, of course, never even attempted to copy. I then updated the unit to the current firmware including the hack. Shrek copied fine and the LP mode appeared. So I’m not sure about your unit but I’ve seen this same thing and the firmware cleaned it up. There is no doubt this is quite a quirky unit and, perhaps as such, Lite-On shouldn’t be selling this unless they work out these issues first. I guess with the price being $150 and the TV Guide feature being fantastic (with no ongoing charges to obtain programming data) that the unit is worth the cost even with some quirky behavior traits. Of course the thing should WORK and if it quits working properly back it goes. No exchanges thought, as it is a closeout and Sears won’t be carrying this anymore. I looked at the Panasonic unit which uses RAM disks and has some nice features like timeslip BUT for the price and having the TV Guide feature I’ll stick to this unit.

don_mac and Pinball W
I purchased my unit in late January. Until I installed the firmware upgrade, the unit repeatedly locked up and the TV Guide didn’t work. After the firmware upgrade, TV Guide works great and lockups are infrequent. I noticed that I must be very patient not press the remote buttons for different functions in fast sequence. The unit needs time to process. Keeping that in mind, I’ve only experienced one lock up in the past month.
I don’t use the IR Blaster, however, Liteon sent me a new one to replace the original. That came with the 2 free DVDs and Firmware upgrade DVD after I first called them with the TV Guide problem. Directions indicated that the original IR Blaster should be discarded. I’d call them and get a new one. They ship fast.
Despite the little quirks associated with this unit, I really like it. And the price was great.
I’d like to attempt the hack for MV and 3 hour mode but haven’t ever done anything like that and am unclear how to proceed.I don’t want to toast my system. Is there a way to get the “already hacked file” (not sure if that is a proper term) so all I have to do is copy to CD and install?

jagfan, don’t worry about the firmware upgrade being difficult…it isn’t. Get the firmware file and the hack utility. When you run the hack utility it will ask you where the firmware file is. It will “open” the firmware file and alter selected bits within the code and create a new firmware file. Copy that new firmware file to a CD and finalize the CD. Pop that disk into your 5007 and when the unit says the unit will be upgraded agree and wait for the upgrade to complete (while praying the power doesn’t blip in the meantime!). When it is finished upgrading it will reboot (power cycle). You should then do a system restore from the setup menu. The time and date should be fine. If it doesn’t work simply install the original firmware back into the unit. It only takes a couple of minutes. It really is pretty easy to do. The only real problem that can occur is a power interruption during the firmware upgrade. I don’t know if that is recoverable…it could render the unit unoperable so, again, pray for no power interruption during the 2 minutes or so the unit upgrading or, if you are really worried, plug it into a UPS before you do the upgrade.

I’ll let you know when I get the “Fix”. I don’t know anything about doing firmware upgrades. A DVD+R came in the box with my 5007. Is this a blank DVD or is there something on this DVD that I am suppose to load into the unit?

Thanks for the great info. I’m not concerned about the actual upgrade process. It’s the “hacking” process. I’ve never done than and not certain where to begin. Thanks

Can anyone help me on this download of the Mr Wizard. I am really new to the hacking thing and want to download the software but can’t since it is in a exe. file format and I am using a Mac. Would anyone be able to burn a CD for me? I would be willing to pay for shiping on this. Also, I understand that there is a region thing with this as well, I live in the midwest. Please if any one can help please reply… TIA