LVW-5007 edit channel lineup?



Just picked this one up (Sears exclusive…was going to get a 5005 but liked the TV Guide feature) and have a couple of questions for other users. After you autoscan the TV channels I don’t see any way to edit the channel lineup to delete channels that you don’t receive. VCRs and other devices that have tuners in them usually allow you to edit the channel listing and delete/add channels at will so when you surf from channel to channel you skip over the channels you don’t receive. Also, our Panasonic DVD players have a “Position Memorize” function so you can turn off the player and, later, turn it back on and press play to resume from the point you last viewed. I see no such feature with this (or other stand-along recorders for that matter). It looks like with this unit you must remember the time position in the program and manually FF to that point…works but not as “clean” as a position memorize. Thanks in advance for any responses! Very long-time reader and first-time poster to CD Freaks!


Can only speak for the 5005 but here goes…Go to set up,…tuner,…utilities…On the right there is an ADD/delete feature.Cant say it’s user friendly but it’s there all the same! You mean you’ve got a tuner you can actually use? :slight_smile:


5005 has no position memorize as far as i can see (not once you’ve powered down anyway) Cheapo dvd players have a bookmark function but Liteon are behind on functions such as this. :frowning:


Thanks for the reply, robbie. As you can see on the attached image my tuner menu does not show any funtions except “Scan Channel.” The dashes beside “Utilities” in the menu seems weird (like it didn’t complete the channel scanning or something). I’ve rescanned several times and this is the only option shown. The book is weak in this area. It mentions channel editing but doesn’t actually say you can delete channels and doesn’t show the menu so I can see if something is wrong with my unit. Any ideas? I hate to call Lite On but could try them (if I can get someone on the phone that knows anything).


OK…so I called Lite On technical support :confused:. Conclusion: talk to the hand! So I traded in the unit for a new one from Sears. Same lack of channel editing functionality exists. Theory: this is Lite On’s only standalone unit with the TV Guide On Screen function. I think that the channel edit (add/delete channels) could conflict with a chosen program selected under the TV Guide scheduling system and, thus, all channels must be available, even if they are dead channels. It really doesn’t make sense that this one feature would be turned off as a defect in 2 units. Not a deal breaker…you won’t be channel surfing with the tuner in this unit anyway but still it should be there. Also, the monitor audio (red & white) outputs are weak BUT volume is normal when playing back recorded materials. The LP mode is available on hacked firmwares BUT not when scheduling recordings, ONLY when manually starting/stopping (3-hour speed available for copying a video, for example). Copying Macrovision works on hacked firmwares :slight_smile: . Bottom line: an OK unit FOR THE MONEY but does have some quirky limitations. Could get a 5005 for about the same price BUT the TV Guide feature is more useful for me than the ability to write to -R and -RW disks (I use +R and +RW all the time on my Lite-On SOHW-812S on my PC. Finally…these forums are really helpful; more-so than the actual “tech support” you get from most manufacturers, in solving alot of these problems. Enjoy!


Well,I suppose you now know it’s not just a faulty unit. The tuner on the 5005 is notoriously bad,poor sound.It’ll tune weak signals in and give them a channel number,so the delete function is useful.A lot of people have cable or satellite anyway,so the tuner isn’t important to them.If you’ve found the edit channel function,I suppose you can at least bunch all your channels together.On the 5005 you press edit whilst viewing a channel through the tuner . …By the way,those dashes on the ‘utilities’ are the same as on the5005… Personally,I think the ‘alwrite’ function is just that,alright.There’s not really any need to use dvd-r discs.Theres little difference in cost/availability and vcd or svcd is ok if you want single programs on lots of different discs,but $ or £’s per hour there’s no difference…
…Strange about the L.P.on timer recordings,I’ll have to check mine.(hacked).


Channel editing solved. Here is the skinny: as suspected this problem was related to the TV Guide On Screen system so the channel editing function was NOT where the book said it is…under TV Tuner Setup. It is, rather, under a Setup function within the TV Guide menu structure. There you are able to edit individual channels. In fact, the book DOES spell this out under the TV Guide directions but the book is inaccurate under the TV Tuner setup directions. Go figure! Also the technical support telephone rep didn’t know this to be true, either. This is really a must-use feature since the TV Guide On Screen menu will only display programming data for those channels designated as being “on” otherwise you might try to schedule a recording for a channel you don’t receive. Very sweet. The only thing I have to work out now is how the stupid clock seems to work. It never seems to be set exact so I guess the answer there is set the timer to default to a minute early start and a minute late end to be safe. Also, the LP recording mode (3-hours via the hacked firmware) is NOT available when using the TV Guide scheduling feature (even when you manually set the timer). Therefore, that great 3-hour time function is only available when starting and stopping recording using the remote. Speaking of the 3-hour time function does anyone know the technical specs when using that speed?


Pinball Wizard,Some people have also reported that the time gains by 5 seconds a day on the 5005.Not noticed this myself…If you go down the thread list,to:‘LITEON 5005’ originally posted by hypnotist.A posting on page 5,…No.117-by BOMB DOG gives the technical specs.of the various record modes.