Recently we decided we wanted to convert our old VHS tapes to DVDs, and I remembered we had this unit lying around, so i pulled it out and hooked it up but have a few questions. First where can I find the latest firmware (non hacked) for this unit? LiteOn’s site seems to be broken when it comes to finding FW for it.

Secondly, I bought memorex 16X dvd-r’s at walmart, and the unit won’t recognize them. It starts to prepare the disc and than says fail. I found an old Maxell 8x DVD+R that worked fine so I’m pretty sure the burner inside is still good but sadly it was the only 8x disc I have. So my second question is this, where can I still find media that will work in this unit? Most of the threads about it are at least 5 years old so I’m not sure how valid they are.


Here’s a bit of info about this recorder:

If you’ll post the “serial number” that shows up on the setup screen, that’ll tell what the current firmware is and what drive is in the unit. I’ve got the media tables for some of the drives (that’s what media codes the drive knows about).

Unfortunately the older drives do not have any 16x media codes in their tables, so you may want to consider a drive replacement even if the drive is working. In any case, Memorex is not considered the best quality media, so you might see if you can get Verbatim (especially the “Azo” type), or perhaps HP, or look for some older 8x media.

For the LiteOn LVW-5005 I recall reading a post where the user fixed a 16x media problem by flashing latest firmware and then flashing the 098 hacked firmware to regain Macrovision removal resulting in Macrovision removal and fixed 16x media issue. I don’t know if the same would apply to the LVW-5006, but it wouldn’t hurt to try if the required firmwares can be found which could be difficult. The afecu suggestion to try different media is a good thing to try as well because I believe I’ve seen compatible media for LiteOn recorders listed some where, and media not on the compatible list may or may not work.