Lvw 5006

I realize that the last posts on here were from some time ago, however I have just received this recorder from a family member and would like to take the MV off of it.

The serial number is 0104-1840-0092-B208(101-010D)

I would like to upgrade to the 0098 firmware but for some reason all the links I have tried don’t seem to be active anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Did you try the third link in the first post at which should work? I was able to download it just now.

Yeah, I was able to get that to work finally. I ran it through the ilo hacker software and it said it was able to get rid of everything, so I burned the hacked file to a cd and it came up on the dvd recorder as invalid disc.

Did you follow instructions at especially step 8? If you still have problems, you might try turning off the recorder with the CD in it and turn it back on after 30 seconds or so. I successfully flashed 3 different 5005s of which 2 recognized the CD and flashed without problem, but the third one required the shut down and restart steps.