Lvw 5006



I posted in the 5005 thread about some issues I had with the 5006.

  1. Extremely pale S-Video output
  2. Very green screen when viewing NTSC source with 5006 set to NTSC. Green recorded and was present when disc viewed in another player.
  3. Occasional green dark areas.
  4. Occasional jitter.

After extensive testing with connections and two TVs I can conclude the following.

  1. This was solved by connected to another TV - why the original didn’t like the 5006 I don’t know it has never shown this before with S-Video.

  2. This is weird, connecting to another TV using exactly the same connections showed no problems and recorded perfectly. Aha I thought a power cycle had solved the issue - took it back to the other TV and it still showed and recorded green! There’s got to be something about the input/output RGB SCART socket on the first TV which is affecting the 5006 - but I don’t know enough about it to speculate.

  3. & 4) Haven’t shown themselves on the 2nd TV. Are these heat issues? The 5006 is more ventilated in it’s new location.

In conclusion I now have a 5006 which works perfectly on a second TV so that is where it will stay for now. No green and no jitter. So happy bunny for the moment. For others with issues, I would experiment with connections if you can - I’m more happy now I reckon the 5006 is less at fault (although it seems to be incompatible with my main TV).

Nb. Through trial and error I have found how to record NTSC sources, you must prepare a blank disc with the recorder set to NTSC beforehand. You cannot mix PAL and NTSC recordings on the same disc. This might be useful to others who are stuck.



i have got a 5006 which as yet only reads and writes in PAL. What must i do to make it write also in NTSC mode