LVW-5006 S-Video & Pass-Thru Questions

Hi, I’m new to this forum and hope someone can help.

I just purchased an LVW-5006. The connections I’m using are S-Video and RCA-audio cables from my cable box (Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 provided by Time Warner Cable) into the 5006, and the same kinds of cables out from the 5006 to the analog TV.

If I use the “video source” button on the remote to get to the “S-Video” option, then I can see the cable-TV programming with the cable connections described above. But that works only when the 5006 is turned on. I don’t want to leave the 5006 on all the time I’m watching TV because I have read that overheating can be an issue.

Is there a way to configure the 5006 so that when it is turned off you can still see the TV programming, the way you normally can with a VCR unit? By the way, I don’t know if my next point is related or not: When I go into Setup --> System --> Video Output, the only options given are “Component” and “Progressive,” even though in the manual the illustrations show “SCART S-Video” as another option.

Has anyone experienced this missing-S-Video-option problem, and, if so, is it a matter of updating the firmware off of Lite-on’s website? If I am able to make a change to have that S-Video option, will choosing that option in Setup make it possible to view the TV picture while the 5006 is turned off?

Hope someone can help. Thanks!


Scart S-video would only be available on the Euro models not the US ones as you can run the S-Video signal through the scart connection but the US models dont come with scart as it is not a interface used in the states.

It’s just an error in Lite-On’s manual, as for the s-video problem cant really comment as I have the Uk 5006 which has scart only connections so I dont know.

The only way to see the signal with the recorder off would be to use the COAX in and out of the 5006. The s-video and rca output is not a pass-through where the COAX is. The problem with that option is that the tuner in the recorder is not the best in the world.

The best option for setup would be using a cable splitter and run it like this:

Cable coax to 2-way splitter
splitter 1 to cable box coax in
Cable box coax out to TV coax in
Cable box s-video/audio out to 5006 A/V in (back)
splitter 2 to 5006 coax in
5006 s-video/audio out to TV AUX/Line in

This way each piece is independant of the other. Switch between the cable box and the recorder with the TV source control, record with the 5006 tuner while watching another channel on the cable box or record to the 5006 from the cable box if it is a channel the 5006 tuner can’t get to.

If you were to set it up like a VCR (coax to coax), you would be forced to always view the signal through the 5006 tuner which will not give you the best picture quality since you will be watching a signal after it has been compressed by the recorder and most LiteOn recorders have a MONO tuner.

The setting for component or progressive is the signal going out to the TV. Component is for normal TV’s and progressive is for High Definition TV’s. This should stay on Component unless you have a HDTV.

I hope this answers your questions. Good luck

Thanks, guys. Very helpful information.

I think I’m going to try to use a two-way S-Video/RCA-audio switch to switch between a cable signal through the 5006 and a signal bypassing the 5006. I have a Tivo-type Digital Video Recorder device for short-term saving of TV programs. I’ll be using the 5006 only for those relatively rare cases where I want to copy something like a special movie off of the DVR onto a disc.

As mentioned is a separate post, my main problem now is figuring out how to play the 5006-recorded discs in a different DVD player.