LVW-5006 Recordings Won't Play on Sony Player or Computer


A couple of days ago I bought a LVW-5006. Using S-Video connections, I’ve tried a few times to record off of my Tivo-like digital video recorder unit (provided by my cable provider). The results are mixed: I can play the recording in the 5006 unit—with very good picture and sound quality—but I cannot play it in my Sony DVP-NS725P DVD player or in a computer DVD player (in the latter case it doesn’t even recognize that a disc is in the drive).

I chose the Sony player (about a year ago) because it had a reputation for playing a lot of different formats and working well with burned discs, with which it has performed very well.

A few details: I’m using blank Verbatim DVD+R discs, which are on Lite-On’s list of recommended brands. The Sony player’s manual says, “Some [discs] cannot be played on this player due to…the characteristics of the recording device and authoring software.”

I’m wondering if anyone has had this problem and found a solution. Should I try a different type of disc? My Sony player can also play DVD-R discs, although I’ve never had reason to try them.

As a last resort, I suppose I can play the recorded discs in the 5006, but that severely limits me in case that unit stops working down the road.

Overall I really like what the 5006 can do and hope I can find a way to play discs outside of that unit.



I have found DVD -R to be more compatible across players. I have eight dvd players that will play even the dirt cheat crummy dvd brands…but only will player top quality DVD +R brands.

Even my magnavox dvd and combo dvd/tv player which states only will accept DVD+R will play DVD-R perfectly.

There are some programs like DVDshrink that allows you to add higher compatiblity to DVD+R when burnt…but that option is not in the Liteon.

So, for rewritable…I use DVD+RW because you dont need to finalize. DVD-R for everything else…

I found burn DVD+R not compatible when I use other players at my friends house…so…I now a DVD-R dude.

Thanks for the info. I’ll invest in a few DVD-R discs and see how they work.


Bsquared18; Bill, just wondering if you have done any upgrades to the Firmware or Drive? The 5005 US model had a bad habit of not playing back in some other players. Mine did just that and after I did the Drive upgrade it was fine. My problem was more with -R disc’s before the upgrade though. I use Ridat -R 4x, Sony +R 4x and TDK +R 4x without any problems now.


Could you give me a quick tutorial on how to do firmware upgrades? Drive upgrades? How do I get the data onto the 5006 unit? Via a recordable CD or DVD that I put in the drive? Do I get that data from Lite-On’s website?



Workknot (and others),

After posting the previous msg, I came across the following instructions on the Web, but one question first: Is that also how “drive upgrades,” mentioned by Workknot, are handled? Are they part of the firmware upgrades or separate?

What I got from the Web:

Upgrading your unit with the latest official firmwares is a two-step proccess. Go to:

Enter the serial number of your Liteon. The site will determine which upgrade you need. Download the file and burn onto a CD-R or CD-RW. Follow the instructions (simply put the CD into the drive) and the upgrade will occur automatically. if your unit appears to freeze, simply turn it off and back on again.

Now check your serial number again. Some of the numbers will have changed because of the first upgrade.

Now go back to the website and enter this new number. A second (and possibly) third file will be given to you. Upgrade the firmware as before.You should now have the latest official firmware.


Bill; Turn on your 5006 and select the setup on the remote control. The Internal SN will be displayed on you TV. Use that number and go to the LiteOn Firmware site.
There are instructions on that site for burning the Disc’s with Nero to CD-R Disc. One disc for Firmware and one for the Drive update if there is one. Instructions on the site will also tell how to do the upgrades. My machine takes the upgrades better by going into the Setup menu, select Default, select Restore. Make sure you let the machine reboot after each Disc has been read and installed. There are onscreen instructions to follow when doing so. If you hit a snag, drop me a PM. And of course as all will say, do at your own risk. I have done mine several times, tinkering with Hack’s and upgrades and have not yet had a problem.
Regard’s; Pop’s

Thanks, Pop’s. I think I’ll do this in stages, first trying a DVD-R disc to see if that will solve my problem. If it doesn’t, then I’ll resort to the firmware upgrades.

So, they don’t recommend using Roxio to burn the CD?


Bill; I have read on the post’s where others have used Roxio without a problem. Just make sure the Disc’s are burning in ISO 9660 Format. Good luck.

Okay. One last question. How’s a guy to know it’s ISO 9660 format? I’m using Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6, and I’ve never bothered to check on the format. It has always worked for me.


Bill; It has been a while since I have had Roxio, it seems if you just select make a Data Disc with it and a closed sesion, it will tell you at the end of the burn or you may be able to select that format. Don’t remember that clearly.

A final note to (probably) close out this thread: The problem was that I had failed to notice the on-screen message telling me that I needed to finalize the disc before using it in another machine. Chalk it up to my unfamiliarity with a new piece of hardware. Now that I know how to finalize a disc (thanks for the help, Pops), I find that both +R and -R discs work in my Sony player. So far I’m very impressed with the picture quality I’m getting.

Thanks for your help!