LVW-5006 production dates

In the US I’ve just gotten a LVW-5006 (September 2004 production) at Radio Shack in exchange for the same model with a November 2004 production date. I’m not overjoyed by the experiences some folks have had, but then I noticed the worst problems seemed to be faced by folks in the UK and EU.

I may return this 5006 for yet another sealed one made in November. Having opened both up I noticed that the power supply and processor board appeared identical between the two units I had. This includes heat sinks (3), versions, etc. The FLASH chip on the September unit did have an earlier base version from the factory, but it upgraded fine using the same flash file downloaded from Lite-On.

The major difference appears to be the DVD drive model. The November unit had a model DDW-813S drive while the September unit has a DDW-451S. If one of these drives is better, that is probably the unit I would go with. I can’t find any detailed specs on the drives from which to make a comparison. The new drive could be better, perhaps using less power or having greater hardware compatibility or it could just be more cheaply made. BTW, I was able to flash both drives, but different flash files were required.

Also has anyone tried putting a small '486 type fan on the larger heatsink on the processor board?

Any knowledge or experience appreciated.

The drives used are basically the LDW-family used in PC’s heres a link to the PC drives

The only difference is the speed of burning to the +r in the 813s it burns at 8x where as the 451s burns at 4x

Both have similar specs and probably use the same chipset since some have hacked the PC version 451s to a 811s

Turns out one of my PC-based DVD burners is a LiteOn 451S! It has been pretty reliable recently, but I think I went through something like four FLASH releases to get there.

I did a final exchange at Radio Shack to get a November production unit with the 813S. I figured I might have more future compatibility with DVD media. The store owner also made sure I could take advantage on a new deal. Beginning March 24, Radio Shack dropped the price of the LVW-5006 to $179 plus there is a $30 mail-in rebate. I expect they will disappear from the shelves pretty quickly.

Do you or other lurkers know if for the FLASHing of the LVW-5006 you can only have one FLASH file on a CD? I wondered what it would do if I had both the SYSTEM and the DRIVE firmware on the same CD. For now I’m playing it safe.

well I can answer that because I have tried, and found that if the unit has both it usually runs the first alphabetical/ numerical update, then after the reboot it just shows Data Disk.

it’s a shame it can’t work out that there is anouther update on the disk.