LVW-5006 Problems with supplied disc

Anyone had problems with the DVD+RW supplied with the LVW-5006? My unit has been working fine with other discs but the other night I was in a hurry to record a TV program and grabbed the nearest disc which happened to be the one supplied with my 5006, still unopened in it’s paper sleeve and popped it in the tray, the unit prepared the disc and I recorded the program with it in 4hr mode. On playback, however, about 90 mins or so into the program I had some pixilation appearing and then the picture just froze on the screen just as if I had pressed pause. After about 30 seconds it started to play again and then froze once more. The only way out this time though was to turn the 5006 off as none of the controls would work. As an experiment I erased the disc and recorded about 2 hours of TV in 4 hour mode and when played back the same thing happened in about the same spot on the disc. I can only assume that I was supplied with a faulty DVD+RW as other discs I have seem to be OK. I would be interested to hear about other people’s experiences using the supplied disc and also what make of disc is it? I’ve tried searching on Google with the numbers on the disc but no luck.

With my first 5005A a 0104-1180-0090-g2b9, I bought back in November '04. It was a DVD+RW with a MID (manufacturer identification) of RICOHJPNW11. It would record to the DVD but not would not play anything back at all. It was brand new out of the box like 2 hours, I called LiteOn (only spoke to level 1 support) and they said "You have a bad machine, take it back. It was more than likely just a bum DVD but I did it anyway as I was brand new to the 5005 world at that time.

Many thanks jm1647, I’m sure it must just be the disc as the 5006 records and plays back perfectly with Imation DVD+RW’s. You would expect a disc which is included with the recorder to be of the best quality and compatibilty wouldn’t you? Apparently not!

I hope they are not testing the LiteOn’s at the factory with the same media they ship with it :bigsmile:

my 5005 was shipped with 3 disks two labled LiteOn 1 +R , 1 -R
and a disk with no writing that IDed as Taiyo Yuden +RW
the -R and +R were on the +RW recorded but would not play

Mine, bought in March 2005, also came with a RICOHJPNW11. The disc is still working fine. It was a 5005.

many LiteOn units are shipped with crap discs, don’t understant why.