LVW-5006. Problem using the 'search' function




I want to record stuff for use at school. That means I need to be able to zip to an exact point on the recording. After a recording when I hit ‘Nav’ on the remote, then ‘search’, the option to select ‘time’ is greyed out, so I can’t jump forwards to an exact point.

Any ideas?

I’ve used the included dvd+rw disc as well as datasafe ‘yellow’ x4 and x8 dvd-r to record, to no avail. Even upgraded the firmware.

Can you jump to any point on your recordings using the navi button on your remote?

Would you mind checking please and if you can, let me know what media you’re using.



As you’ve had no replies,I thought i may as well offer my thoughts.On the 5005,you cant go to a specific time point.all you can do is go to the chapter points within a title.On the record setting in the set up,you can choose how often the machine inserts a chapter…5mins,10mins etc…You can also insert as many chapter points as you want during the recording,by pressing ‘edit’ at the desired point.(inserting too many can hamper your ability to whizz through the disc)…Creating more title/thumbnails can help to navigate your way around,as long as you can remember whats on which title! Looks like the 5006 is the same as the 5005.