LVW-5006 Issues

I have always upgraded my firmware for my UK LVW-5006 drive as I’ve never been happy with it. Unfortunately, it appears that the current version I am using (LNHBE101.ES0.0104.324x) has well and truly messed me up. Although I can set the region free it won’t play half my orginal DVDs.

Sometime it reports the disk as a " File", other times it says “Fail” and other times it just TRIES to play the DVD but it is very jittery.

I’ve been reading about the 098 firmware and the macrovision hack. Could someone please point me in the right direction to get this firmware and the hack for the UK version of the drive please.

My serial number for the drive is: 0104-3240-0101-G2BD (000-010D).


Welcome to the CD Freaks forum. :wink:

Just out of curiosity, has your DVD recorder given this issues immediately after you performed the firmware update (such as the next DVD you played following the firmware update) or has this issue gradually came on? To me, it seems more like a disc reading issue than a firmware issue. For a start, I would recommend running a cleaning disc in the player, preferrably a good quality wet/dry disc. See this announcement for some advice before using a cleaning disc as there are some wet/dry discs where the included cleaning fluid is known to leave a residue.

It has steadily got worse as time has gone on although I have never been able to watch a DVD without some kind of issue be it sticking and jerking or skipping back a chapter once it’s completed the current chapter after a resume.

Before posting I cleaned the drive, twice; once with a wet/dry and once with a dry only and it played those discs without any issues at all. I even checked and cleaned the actual DVDs which I’ve been having issues with, which, incidentally, play without any issues in my DVD player downstairs (admitedly it’s a much more expensive one and made by Pioneer) so I know it’s not a faulty dic issue.

I don’t really want to have to go out and replace the unit but if I can’t fix it (sooner rather than later) to play my DVDs then I’m afraid it’s going in the bin!

Anybody have a solution for me or give me links to the files I requested?