LVW-5006 Firmware

I recently purchased a LVW-5006 DVD Recorder which arrived pre-installed with UK v90 system firmware. I was very pleased with the performance of the machine but wanted to disable macrovision. I downloaded the v98 system firmware from the LiteON site and patched it using ILOHack v1.4. The firmware installed successfully and I now have macrovision disabled. However, since installing the V98 firmware I have noticed a blue/purple wash on the RGB Scart source. If I cycle through the source inputs several times the picture returns to normal. If possible I would like to get hold of a v90 UK system firmware so that I can hopefully reflash the machine and restore the superb picture quality I had when it first arrived. Can anybody tell me where I might get hold of a UK v90 system firmware? Or perhaps explain a workaround for this problem?


Some people have had success just reloading the unpatched firmware and overwiting the hacked version.If you want to go back to an earlier version then you could try going into the set up…default…restore.Thats supposed to put the machine back to the factory state and original firmware.Not tried this myself (MINES A 5005) but it’s worked for some.