LVW 5006 drive compatability

I have an LVW 5006 with an original Drive no DDW451S fitted this seem to be playing up and I purchased a new Liteon LH-20A1H487C drive.
I connected this into the 5006 it records Ok and plays back but it will not read pre recored disks or read disk I have previosly recorded. Do I need to flash the new drive if so what with. I have tried reading various posts but I am getting more confused.


the region must be set; put the drive in your PC play an orginal DVD with a player like WinDVD and the region will be set reinstall in your 5006 and your all set, Then you can still use the region hack.

Thanks for your prompt reply I will try what you advise


Let me know the results. You may want to update the firmware while it is in the PC.

I have done what you sugested all OK at the moment apart from fast forward on pre recorded disks but I know some are like that so a bit more testing required

What are the sugestion you made about software upgrades?

Many thanks :flower:Dick