LVW 5005x Lite-on Finalized & Can't read on anything but it

Hi. Newbie here. I search through the liteon thread but can’t find anything that fits my situation. I purchased a Liteon 5005x DVD recorder/DVD player that will record off my tv and from my video camera. I recently recorded from my video camera and everything appeared to go well. I played it back and it worked on the liteon. It was recorded on a DVD +R because it was only about an hours worth video and wanted to add to it. I decided to transfer the video to my PC to add more video and make a movie for family. I finalized the DVD+R on the liteon 5005x. Now I can’t play it on anything but the liteon 5005x. I tried another dvd player and two different dell dvd drives. How can I save this video. I have mistakenly taped over the part of the video that is now on the disc I can’t copy or play from anyother dvd player. Help??? PS. Liteon support was not helpful and gave no suggestions.

I am having problem finalizing a DVD with 5005x too. After I transferred my VHS to DVD, finalized it and it did not play back on anything. Lite-on even sees no disc. Is it a firmware problem or a lite-on common illness? a compatible media problem? Please help. Thank you.

I am having the same problem…it finalizes, but will not play in any other DVD player, nor on my PC!! Can anyone help, or should I return the darn thing?

Use 16x media dvd+r like memorex. If you use rw+ use 8x or better. My 5005 required two differnet drivers one for dvd drive and one for the system. I have not tried my physical modifications on the 5005. Probably would work though–.

I’ve had my 5005 for two years now and with the original drive (DDW 451S) I never had much luck with dash media. For my 5005, using a low speed (1-4x) +r or +rw has always worked. These days I almost exclusively use HP branded PHILIPS 041 +RW to record anything and then do the editing etc. on the computer.

Around the beginning of this year I replaced the drive and dropped in a LiteOn 160P6S and the recordings only got better and more reliable (but I still don’t trust dash media).

Hope this is somewhat helpful.

Hello hexmechanic,
I read you were talking about physical modifications? Would you please elaborate? Do you have a 5005X? If you do not do you think anything posted about 5005 could be applied to 5005X. Thank you.

Thanks for your help, guys…I cleaned the lens, then used the Maxell 16X DVD+R, and instant success!!! Sure are finicky machines though!!! Thanks again!!