LVW 5005A Won't Burn DVD's

(this was posted under “Liteon5005” and got no response so I thought I would try a new thread)

Hi.I have a Liteon manf date.
My unit stopped burning DVD’s.It will burn VCD’s and SVCD’s.It wont read many types of DVD+R’s,such as Sony and Memorex,meaning I insert the disc and it keeps saying “preparing” or “loading” FOREVER.It used to work.I’ve burned lots of discs with these two brands in the past.I think it may have all gone wrong with the second to last firmware update I did in Aug of 2005(LNFA11011.ESO.0102.184x).The funny thing is that it also won’t burn anything to the original RW that came with the machine.I had some music vids burned on it,and when I tried to add some more,it acted like it was recording and when I went to play it back the thumbnail on the menu screen was black.When I highlited it and pressed play,my unit froze up.I repeated this several times,and each time the same thing happened.
I’m open to ANY help.I also don’t have a problem using a hack if that will help.Because as far as I’m concerned the unit is of no use to me now,and can’t afford a new one.Thanks in advance.

Oh,one more thing.I’ve been to the Liteon web site,and I think I have the latest firmware.I also have called Liteon,they told me to clean the lens and I’m out of warranty and that they could’nt help me with any repairs.

Your best bet is probably to replace the drive:
This is a very common problem after a few hundred hours of recording.

Thank you very much.I guess it’s worth it as long as no features are compromised.I guess what I mean is,will it function the same as from the factory?Would you also know if I would be able to make that drive region free?