LVW-5005A DVD Drive Replacement Problem

How many of you know people who really shouldn’t own a computer…because they simply don’t get it. Today I feel like one of them. Maybe you can help me with my problem…

History: Bought a new LVW-5005A 6 years ago. It lasted 6 months and then I started having DVD problems…the drive would only write about halfway before it errored. Put it in the basement, not to be used again.

Last week: Saw it and got this strange idea…would open it up and remove the DVD and put in a computer DVD writer I had sitting around. It is an Opterite DD0203.

Lo and behold…it worked. Everything worked. I wrote 5 hours worth of TV just to make sure, and then watched it afterwards on another unit. No problems, even better recording than the original. All functions worked, playback, rewind, fast forward, record, pause, everything.

But I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I decided I wanted the 3 hour mode so I downloaded a hack from here:

I turned on the 5005A, went to the blue screen, inserted the CDR with the hack (rom flash?), was prompted to upgrade…said “certainly, of course, why not,” and let the machine do its thing. I saw the LED display count A-UP 1-95 and then was prompted to turn off the unit.

I now have 3 hour mode

But I can no longer record. When I stick in a blank DVD and hit REC, nothing happens. It sits there.

I’ve tried other rom flashes (guess you call them firmware) but the DVD reads the CDR as “data disk” and they all are spit out a few seconds after inserting them.



:slight_smile: Okay, update time. The reason it wouldn’t work is because the drive failed. Must have been something that caused it, but I don’t know what. It is still a good reader, just won’t write.

So I pulled it and stuck it back in my backup computer to be used as a CD/DVD reader only. And it doesn’t write in there either. I tried reflashing the firmware…it took okay, but didn’t make any difference on the writing inability. So be it…I’m tired of messing around with it.

In the mean time I bought a new Sony AD-5170A off eBay and stuck it in just to see what would happen. I figured that for $16 I couldn’t go wrong…and this guy on eBay is selling a bunch of them brand new.

Anyway, it works great. I’ve been copying all my old Disney VHS video tapes over to DVD and they come out perfect, no MV copy crap on them whatsoever…yay!

I am a happy camper now.