Lvw-5005a disc tray won't open



I’ve owned a LiteON lvw-5005a since 2006. [0102-1840-0101-B20G (100-010D)]
I use it to dump my TiVo and digitize VHS tapes.
Once the video is digitized, I edit on my computer. So I don’t use the unit to edit.
I have a DVD player, so I don’t use the unit to play DVDs or CDs. I’ve only
recorded, at most, 30 discs with this unit. So I was very disappointed, when
suddenly, the disc tray refused to open.

I contacted LiteON, but since the unit is out of warranty, their advice seems to
be pay for a repair or buy another unit. I’ve read a lot of blogs/forums about this
problem and finally decided to disassemble the unit and look at the drive itself.

Using 2 butter knifes, I popped the face plate off and removed the drive from the
unit. In order to eject the the tray, I had to push an arm in on the lower left of
the drive. This is a DDW-813S drive. This arm, when pushed in, manually lowers the spindle that
holds the disc out of the tray. If the spindle is not lowered, the tray can’t open.

While the drive was out, I cleaned it and inspected the manual operation.
Occassionally it would lock with the spindle in the up position. A push on the manual
eject arm (manually lowering the spindle) would solve the problem and I could pull
the tray out. I could not figure out how to solve this problem.

On all of my computer drives there is a hole where one can push in a paper clip, or
similar, to eject the tray. Why LiteON didn’t provide this hole, I can’t say.

My Solution:
I reassembled the drive in the unit without the faceplate. If the tray won’t open, I
push the arm manually with a paper clip as illustrated.
When and if I open the case again, I will drill a hole to accommodate the paper clip
(Future Manual Eject Hole) and attach the faceplate for a more professional look. <br>


I had the exact same problem, and this worked a treat. Thank you so much.