Lvw 5005

I am in need of the firmware that will allow 16x media to be recognized. Any help would be greatly apreciated as I have downloaded pretty much anything that is on this site and still nothing. Thanks

You should be able to get the latest update from Lite-On site. What 16x media are you using? If you have a 5005 with an origional drive it is very picky about media. I am having real good luck with Verbatim, TDK and Sony 16x DVD+R media. Never had much luck with -R media. Keep us posted how you’re making out.

I have been trying the sony -r dvd as well as the retail plus from Walmart -R as well I have updated to the lates version as far as I can tell 1098.

silverfox71 Here is a site that you might be interested in if you want to get 3hr. recording and remove MV from your 5005. This site has a lot of liteon firmware.

According to the 1101 firmware is latest version. Note this eliminates 3 hour mode and enables region and macrovision protection, but a user in another post updated to this version to fix 16x media problem and then flashed back to hacked version resulting in fixed 16x media issue and regain 3 hour mode as well as region and macrovision free.

Was he using + or - R media? Most people that have liteon recorders are having better luck with +R media. Like I said I use +R media because I didn’t have much luck with -R media. Sorry I couldn’t be more help! Maybe someone else has another idea.

Assuming DR. PAUL is asking me whether + or - R media was used in the other thread, I can’t say since he didn’t specify + or - R but simply stated there was a 16x media problem that latest firmware fixed. I’ve not had any problems with -R media, but I’ve also read many others prefer to use +R media. I have had problems with -RW failure to erase on 3 different 5005s, and I had to do a full erase on the PC before -RW were re-useable. I’ve not yet used any 16x media in any 5005, but I did update 3 of the 5005s to the 1101 in order that the problem should be fixed when I do use 16x. Then all 3 of those 5005s were flashed back to hacked firmware to regain advantages stated in post #5 here.

Ok Bevills1 I have tried the link that you supplied but I can’t get any download from this site if anyone has this 1101 newest version for the 5005 could you please post a link or just pm me the file would be great. Thanks


OK I AM INDEEDE AN IDIOT. And I thought I new how these pc’s worked. Just goes to show you that the simplist things can be overlooked. I will give this a try.


Wow, I got this unit working with the 1101 firmware then reverted back to 1098. The recorder now recognizes the 16x -R Sony and the Retail Plus -R dvd’s. Thanks for all your help


Glad to hear you got it working.

To get the download from link in post #5 select “audio/video” under “category,” select “LVW-5005” under “model number,” and click “Search” takes you to the download page for any others who have trouble finding it as silverfox71 did initially. Congrats to silverfox71; I knew it had to work since it did for the original poster in the other thread and on 3 differetn units for me.