LVW-5005, wont work with PAL-N TV system?



Hi everybody,
This is my first post ever, I recently purchased a LVW-5005 which works with NTSC/PAL TV system.

Very happy with the equipment except that I’m having trouble viewing TV thru the DVD, I talked to a technician and told me the system is set for PAL-B and not PAL-N which is what we have here.

Here in my country (Uruguay) we have PAL-N which has a frequency of 3,582056 chroma, any idea on how to change the TV system ?..adjust frequencies or make it work properly ?.

Please all and any help you can give me will be very appreciated.

Best regards and thanks in advance for your help.


The only settings you can change are in the Set-up menu, here in the UK the liteon units offer NTSC or PAL (we use PAL-I).

I would have thought that the technician should have advised you how to change it, if possible, or if not then why are you being sold a machine that is not suitable for your country. South America uses NTSC, Pal M or Pal N. Pal B is mainly parts of Europe & Middle East.

Where did you get the unit?


Many newer Pal TVs have dual NTSC capability. Have you checked setup of your TV?



I purchased the unit in USA, and was told it could be used with either NTSC or PAL, at that time I didnt know there were so many options for PAL like PAL-N, PAL-B, etc.etc…

According the technician who is trying to help me the option is to make the TV PAL-B…which shouldnt cost too much…and then I shouldnt have a problem…but thought it would be wiser to ask around first to see if there was another easier option available.

Oilman, we did check setup and my TV accepts either NTSC or PAL-N…and thats why I was told the TV can be changed to PAL-B and I would still be able to watch TV, I dont know the details…my concern is that it works and I can watch and record TV.

Regards and again, all ideas and suggestions are very welcome.


Sorry that the sales guy was concerned enough to do a quick check which would have saved you this hassle. Just hope it doesn’t cost you too much and all goes well after that.

Under the tuner section in the Specifications page of your manual what does it show.


Yeah - sorry Victor, I was missing the point. You could obviously play back region 1 (NTSC) pre-recorded disks and watch them ok, but recording is a problem.


Do you have the option of using a VCR as the tuner? If so you can connect to the 5005 via the RCA outputs of the VCR to the Rear or Front RCA inputs on the 5005. If the VCR is Stereo you will also get stereo sound, something you cannot do with the mono tuner of the 5005.


I can see how this might work. Given the recorder can output NTSC and the TV can read NTSC (forget the Pal versions as they are imcompatible), then the key question is whether the recording is dependent on the source recording format, or if the PAL/NTSC part is only done at output?

I know I set the output from my Liteon to NTSC from the menu once as I couldn’t read my serial number the top as part of it was cut off (a problem with my TV not the liteon). When it was in NTSC mode, I could read it all (TV has dual capability). However, I never tried playing back a pre-recorded (Pal) DVD this way (I’m going to try this tonight for my own education). This certainly looks worth a try.

If this works, great. (only problem is that you have to use NTSC which has a slightly lower resolution than PAL!)


Be interesting to see what you find out Oilman. I don’t know if what I suggested will work or not, but I thought it may be a possible workaround for Victor. I don’t have a dual format TV so I can’t try it out.


I put a Pal DVD in, set the Liteon to NTSC, and played it. Seemed to work. TV looked like it was in NTSC mode. Did it with a wide screen picture, and picture ha d a wdie bart at top and none at bottom. In Pal moide, bars top and bottom. So a bit inconclusive. Still encouraging enough for our Uruguayan to try if he has a VCR?


Good work Oilman, sounds like something Victor should try. I hope he gives it a go and posts back with results. It may help others as well.


Hi and thanks to all for your messages.

Ok, basically I can tell you now that the lvw-5005 plays perfectly PAL-N Dvds, I had a problem when recording from local TV (here as mentioned before we have PAL-N).

After trying many things what I did was:

Set the system to PAL when ready to record from TV, then my image on the TV shows in black and white, but after a few tries I realized that I was seeing in black and white but actually the DVD was been recorded in color with very good quality, so basically what I do now is :

When I record TV I set the system to PAL, and I press the “TV/VIDEO” on my TV to keep watching whatever I want, its basically a minor inconvenience that I didnt know how to work it out…but after realizing the DVDs get recorder in color and with the correct aspect ratio everything is ok.

So basically I can say now that it plays NTSC and PAL-N DVDs without a problem, and when recording there is only the inconveniece mentioned above that applies only if recording from the TV signal (PAL-N).

Best regards to all and many thanks to all for their help.


Good news Victor,

Its good to get such feedback.

Its worth checking if you have set the output to say RGB or Composite (CVBS). You may have it set in (say) S-Video mode. On some TVs, this will give a B&W picture (it did on one of mine). Composite will normally work on all TVs but RGB is better and works on most modern TVs. Just flip through the options and see if that eliminates your problem. If not, then I guess there is nothing else we can suggest.

Also, it is still worth connecting a stereo VCR (or other stero source) as the tuner to the 5005, as stated earlier, is only a mono tuner. If you connect a stereo VCR via the RCA/scart inputs, then the recording is also in stereo, and plays back in stereo.

Good luck