LVW 5005 vs. LVW 5006?



Local warehouse store, 5005, $150, three left.

Local Radio Shack, 5006, $200, in stock. Other RS’s in area also have.

Differences between them? Does the 5005 have a TV tuner? Are either any good?

Help? :confused:

I’m in the U.S., by the way. Thanks.


Both have the TV Tuner but the 5006 has

a) a stereo tuner
b) Showview / videoplus ( basically the bit where you enter the code and it works out the channel start time end time date )

apart from less bugs than the 5005 due to us testing the 5005 in the workplace !!


Working RGB over scart input/outputs
(Not that is of much use to you with the US version)

3hr recording mode

Slightly quieter to my ears at least

Progessive scan output
(cant remember if that worked right on the 5005 never used it myself though I recall people complaining in Lite-On’s own support forum about it.)