LVW 5005 Video (not recordings) Jittery

I have had the 5005 for a few weeks now. A couple of days ago I noticed the picturing getting very jittery, shifting up and down. Looked like the interlacing wasn’t quite right or my frame rate was real slow.

This does not occur while watching DVD’s (at least so far), only occurs while watching TV.

Rebooting fixes the issue temporarily but it always comes back.

I have my Directv receiver running through the RCA jacks AV1 and then out to the TV. It is definately the 5005 because rebooting fixes the issue and I have also hooked the receiver directly to the TV and had no issue.

Anything I’m missing. Surely there isn’t macrovision on the passing through of the TV picture.


Jittering and even minor sideways video distortion in a “downstream” device in this case, your 5005 can result when the video source, in this case, the DirectTv box is supplying a larger-than-needed signal to the 5005’s video input. The industry standard signal is 1vpp in amplitude. Most devices nowadays use automatic gain control components residing in the motherboard’s chipset to control this. If the associated circuitry in either the DTV box or your 5005 is defective or uncalibrated, this condition could occurr. Sometimes the AVC (automatic video gain) circuits are designed to ‘sense’ incoming signal strength via the ‘RF’ strength level coming from the source box (DTV). If not yet tried, you might want to try connecting the DTV box’s Ch3 signal-out, via co-ax, to the 5005’s RF (TV IN) connector. Cycle the 5005’s ‘source’ between "TV (Ch 3) and AV-1 (the rca jacks nearest the S-Video input) to check whether or not the problem differs between the RF-In and Vidoe-In selections.

Unless you or your DTV technician has the equipment to verify your DTV box’s video output level is within spec, you still wouldn’t positively know whether or not the problem is being generated by the DTV box or lies with improper AVC operation in the 5005. If you can return the 5005 for a replacement in a reasonable time, that would be the quickest way to eliminate it as positevely being the cause of the ‘jitter’ problem.

I beleive it’s an power supply issue. I have same problem after a hour or two and sometime imediately. I have noticed that the tuner is not really well soldered in my 5045-perhaps it’s the same in the 5005 --i’ll look and see.

I searched the forum and found several other threads with the same issue and it sounds like it may be partially heat related. Mine is in somewhat of an enclosed area. I plan to try a small fan and see if it helps the problem.

I called lite-on, who of course claimed they had never heard of the problem but did promise to RMA if the issue continued.

I the rma solution --Aka give them another totally different machine and serial. IPt’s new it works good for awhile and the same issise arises. But this time beyond the warrenty period now what? They refuse to give shematic diagram of power supply -so you go to a local tech --who now seaches to purchase a shematic diagram.