LVW 5005 Unattended Recording Stopping Problem: ?Solution

I recently brought LiteOn LVW 5005. Started converting my Camcorder tapes V8 (AV1 in front). No problem when I am there to stop at the end of recording at 2 hrs. Made multiple DVDs.
Tried unattended recording: Started recording 2hr mode. Came back after 4-5 hours. Recorder stuck at “STOPPING”. Waited 15-20 minutes. No luck. Turned power off and on - Invalid Disk. Coaster #1

  1. Tried One Touch Recording 2hrs (OTR) same problem
  2. Tried timer recording setting timer duration of 1hr 58 minutes. Unattended. Came back. Same.
  3. Used different media multiple times. Repeated above procedures. No help.
  4. Upgraded firmware. No change.

Does this sound familiar? Anyone can help. Do I have a lemon?

I can record fine, if I am there to stop it before end of tape. BUT, I would like to start recording and not have to baby sit.


Ah, the dreaded STOPPING problem.
I would have thought this was a purely firewire (1394) problem, but you don’t seem to be using that input.

I could only suggest that this may be a bad media or bad DVDRW drive problem. Some combination of media and drive could have a problem writing to the very end of a disc, which is what happened when you do an unattended recording with a two hour DVD recorder setting/2 hour camcorder tape. I bet if you use a different setting (eg 3 hr or 4 hr setting for a two hour recording) and not write to more than 80% of the useable disc, you should be able to do an unattended recording. This is because the combination of drive/media has a better chance of finishing up writing to a “useable” part of the disc.

Sounds like you’re getting the macrovision protected content error. Try using the patched firmware eliminating the macrovision protection.

I have tried different medias. Tested by making short vedios. Works fine. Also did baby sitting and manually stopped at 2 minutes before 2 hours, still problem. I am using front AV1 connection.

How much space do I need to leave at end?

Don’t think macrovision issue because it does not stop and for short vedios even with grainy picture or snow, works fine.

Nothing scientific here, but I have had minimal problems leaving 10 - 15 minutes of available time on a disk. Seems to provide more than ample room for finalization. I have run into problems when “filling up the disk”. As others have said this could also be a media problem. A lot of media have significantly greater problems towards the outside of the disk.

You’ll have to do a trial and error test with your drive/media.

What I found was if I used my 5005/DDW813s(B208) drive with Ritek (Ridata) 8x DVD+R, I could pretty much fill up the disc without any problem. However if I use a lesser media such as the Optodisc 4X DVD+R, I get errors beyond the 80% fill. The Ritek has a much higher dye content as observable by looking at the purple tint of the disc.

It is likely that the LiteON drive has a lower laser writing power and will not write properly to the outer rim of the media. My NEC drive on my PC seems to be able to do a good job of writing to the Optodisc 4x media.

thrunner has made a good point. If you take a 5005 recorded disc and run it through cd/dvd speed in Nero, you’ll see a wacky read curve after around 60% or so.

With cheap media (TEON MCC and TDK CMC ) i frequently get read errors towards the end of the recording that other DVD players can’t handle. So now I pretty much only use TY+R and either Fuji+rw or Imation+RW. Never a problem with those. And for stuff I want to archive, I do all my editing etc on the computer, in any case, to avoid hassles with compatibility on other DVD players.

That being said, I also haven’t had the stopping problem in either OTR or AV1 or OTR using AV1 even with the cheap media.

I tried the timed to 1 hr and 56 minutes. It worked. I guess that was the problem, end of dvd is not writeable.

It is stupid of LiteOn not to anticipate that most people would be doing unattended recording. It is not difficult to program recorder so that it automatically stops recording when there is not enough space left.