LVW-5005 System Update VS. Drive Update


I am using an LVW-5005 recorder. I have acquired a couple of “updates” over the past year from Liteon’s website and I have a couple of questions.

From what I can remember there are two different “updates” available, one for the drive (DDW-451S) and one for the system (BIOS on Motherboard?). Is this correct?

The drive updates I have are the LNFA-1098.ES3 and LNFA-1098.ES5. The instructions that I had written down in the past said to perform this update first, before applying a system update.

The system updates that I have are LNFA-1000.E20 and LNFA-1101.E20. My instructions say to perform this second.

Also, I have applied the “ILO Hack.exe” modification to BOTH of these files, is this correct or do I just apply it to ONE of them? I didn’t want to try to perform the “modified” update until I was clear on which one (or both) to “modify”.

Thanks !!!

If I remember correctly, the .e20 (and newer .e30) contain BOTH a drive update and firmware update. My last update showed the unit doing the drive (d-up) first then firmware (fw101) second.
The es0, es5 update only contains fw. The liteon site will give you a choice to download either, depending on your 5005 serial number (last 4, like b20b, b20g)
the fw update (only) file is just under 2MB, the combined one is just over (2.3MB). Be aware that some people are reporting drive problems after using the e30 - 102 update.