LVW-5005 SVCD and Caption Problems


Got the Liteon LVW-5005, mfg. Dec. 2004 with latest firmware 1098.
Tried recording SVCD mode from AV-1 - plays fine in the recorder but won’t play in other players that support SVCD (Apex and Pioneer).

Also recorded TV show to DVD-R from AV-2 through VCR tuner and captioning is all jibberish. Captions played through fine as we watched the show. Picture and sound are fine. Used Maxell Gold 8X media.

Thanks for any help.

greetings abcweb:
thanks for the report --I also have pioneer problen model 563a it won’t play dvd’s at all all. plays vcd and svcds fine though I’ll let you know about svcd when I can.


The prob isn’t with playing a VCD or SVCD it’s in the recording of them on the LVW-5005. They record and play fine on the player itself but won’t play in other set top players that can handle those formats. I finalized the discs but no luck.

Anyone have a solution?

my pioneer plays the vcd fine from the 5005 however it won’t play any of the dvds it creates.

I have the same DVD player from Pioneer. I finally got my LiteOn 5005 recorded dvds to play on it. I had to recode the LiteOn dvds to ‘DVD VIDEO’ in Nero. For me ( a dvd authoring/ recoding Newbie) a long and drawn out process involving DVDFab, DVDdecryptor and an inordinate uttering of choice epithets and colorful metaphores.

Ultimately, the 563A will only recognize a DVD that indicates it’s DVD VIDEO not just mpeg2 or DVD_VR or whatever else.

Now that being said, I’ve only been at this for a week or so… but the recoded DVDs do play on the 563a.

If anyone else has two cents to throw in, feel free…

Anyone have a solution to playing SVCD’s recorded in a LVW-5005 in a set top player?

I have an SVCD compatible Apex DVD player and a Pioneer DVD/CD combo drive in my PC, neither will play the Liteon recorded SVCD CD’s. I get a bad disc message in the Apex, and it just hangs trying to start in the PC drive. Using latest firmware.

Also no closed captions on recorded shows on DVD. Any cure for that?

The SVCD recorded by LVW-5005 does play on all of my DVD players. But I have problem playing it on my PC, both as SVCD or just playing the mpeg file alone.
The only program on my PC that can do something is the PowerDVD, which can play the audio with no video. After using PowerDVD to see the property of the mpeg2 file, i noticed that it says it is mpeg2 encoded file with “0mbps” bit rate. I think the “0mbps” bit rate might be what caused the problem. I am still researching on whether that is the case and how to get arround it (on my PC, if possible). I hope someone can give us input on this thread as well…

Other than that, the recorder worked very well, especially nice with the hacked firmware that provides some additional functionality. I have read a few posts saying this players died after a few weeks. Since I just got this recorder for a few days, I guess I will have to wait and find out.

I have a Apex 1500 & I got it a SVCD to play when I turned off “PCB”. Hope this will help! Also if you check other threads in the forum you will see that the 5005 doesn’t record or support captions??

hm, turning off PCB? that only applies to using DVD player, right? It plays fine on my DVD player, with or without PCB. Any idea what needs to be done for PC to play SVCD recorded by LVW-5005?

I just put my SVCD in the PC and played it with power DVD just fine. I did have to finalize the SVCD.

Does liteOn 5005 support closed caption? Mine doesn’t, it can record but not play the closed caption. I have to use another dvd player to play the closed caption got from 5005.
I would appreciate your help.
Thank you very much.

power dvd will play your vcd and svcd on your computer with no problem,video and all.I have always used Power DVD. Btw, my Lite -On LVW-5006 is still working great, no problems, no noisy tuner(which I don’t use anyway)…cable box thru super video cable works just fine for me. Yeah, No captions on the 5006 either,fortunately I don’t need then yet…if I did,I’d surely find another recorder. Keep in touch…thanks, BOb

so do mine. all SVCD or VCDs play fine on all my PC drives. I do have to have a DVD player software installed though. It’s not powerDVD don’t which though. I think it’s one that comes with every Dell for free. Some cheap crap I guess but it plays them. What are you guys talking about mpegs? Aren’t the file with extension DAT? That what I recall seing. I could be wrong though. :confused:

btw we don’t have CC in Europe do we? As far as I know we use teletext for that. Can any1 confirm that please?

Video content on both Video CDs and Super Video CDs have a DAT extension, however the actual content in the DAT files is MPEG audio & video. For a Video CD, it is MPEG 1 Video at 352 x 288 @ 25FPS (PAL) or 352 x 240 @ 30FPS (NTSC). For Super Video CD, it is MPEG 2 Video at 480 x 576 @ 25FPS (PAL) or 480 x 480 (NTSC). In fact, if you were to copy one of the DAT files onto the hard drive and rename the extension to .MPG, it will play just like any other MPEG file.

In Europe, we don’t have closed captions. Instead we have subtitles, which as you mention are sent along with Teletext on terrestrial TV. Most DVD players paint the subtitles directly on screen when turned on, rather than send them over Teletext.

I do know that my 5045 does not support taking subtitles from Teletext, so chances are the same for the 5005. Closed captioning uses scan line 21 to transmit the text, which is a line in the Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) or a scan line not shown on the TV itself. It is interesting to see that this line is captured on DVD with the US 5005, yet not played in the same recorder.

As VCD and SVCD both heavily compress the picture as well as down-convert the resolution, this means that if scan line 21 is captured (which contains the closed captioning), chances are that the information stored on this line goes corrupt. The same issue is likely to occur with the DVD ‘Long Play’ modes in which the recorded horizontal resolution is cut in half.

why not just use dvd rws just a thought

because you have to have a DVD player for that VCDs you just need a CD player. After all a CD still costs a fraction on a DVD even though prices are low for the latter.
I do often give away CDs with my kids on them. I have to think twice before I give away a DVD. and many times I just have 10 to 20 minutes of film. Would be a wast giving away a DVD with a fraction of its capabilities. My thought! :confused:

In the UK with a freeview digital box, you can record subtitles on any DVD recorder (or any VCR). You cannot switch them off though as they are recorded as part of the picture rather than a separate feed stream.

However, for the hard of hearing, this is now a cheap way of recording subtitles (you can get freeview boxes for less than £40 now). You no longer need to buy fancy VCRs at a very premium price which recorded subtitles via the older analogue teletext service.

Simply hook up the freeview box to the SCART input, switch on subtiltles on the freeview box, and record the program!