LVW-5005 Setup?

I’ve been trying to hook up this unit and all seems to go well until I press the “Setup” button. When I do nothing happens. It also causes rythmic white static on the TV whether the recorder is power on or not…tried it on two different TVs and it does the same thing on both of them. Any one have a clue what to do?

Had high hopes for this thing but I’m really dissapointed right now… :confused:

No clue, but you may try to upgrade the firmware from LiteOn website.

Are you using the right source?

Connecting it to a TV via RF coax doesn’t work. Mines connected to an old TV that only has an RF antenna input, I ended up having to go via a second DVD player.

I bought one of those rf modulators to use with an older tv set that I have. The av output cables plug into the modulator, than coax from the modulator to the tv. The tv has to be on channel 3 or 4, as with a vcr. As prices10 said, though, connecting the rf out from the lvw-5005 to the tv will do nothing. That is strictly a pass-though plug setup.

IMO the biggest shortcoming of the unit! Aside from messing with it for ages before I broke down and read the manual only to find out, I had to add an RF converter to get back to the same setup I had with my old VCR - the RF signal out gets distributed to other rooms so that I only need one set of equipment, remote control is via a One for All RF remote.

For any interested, pictures of my AV setup can be seen on, Members Photo Gallery, Direct View Theaters.