LVW-5005 replacement drive disc tray won't open

Around a year ago I replaced the LVW-5005 burner when the recorder was only 6 months old with LiteOn SHM-165P6S drive which has been used to record less than 20 discs, and the disc tray now fails to open. I can get it to open by lightly tapping on it when I hear it trying to open. Does this mean it’s time for another burner replacement, or is there another fix for this drive problem? If replacement drives last for so few recordings, maybe it’s time to toss the LiteOn recorder and replace it with something more reliable.

Try removing the burner and hook it up to your PC and see if it will open and close ok. I’ve had a replacement drive in for over a year with heavy use and its still working fine. In fact its the same burner. Don’t toss the 5005 there are a lot of people that would love to have it.

Drive was removed and connected to PC, and it opened and closed just fince indicating no burner problem. I took this opportunity to cross flash to Sony DW-G120A (aka DRU-120C) to gain normal fast forward function since it was so easy to do after I already had it connected to PC. Replacing the burner in the recorder I discovered it wanted to install a little too far left, and I had to push it toward the right while tightening screws for the bracket that holds the drive in place. It now opens and closes okay in the recorder, and I can only guess it must have shifted to the left after first install which was causing it to touch and thus bind on left side causing difficult opening. Thanks to DR. PAUL for the suggestion, and I’m very glad it wasn’t a burner problem.

You’re welcome.
Happy burning.