LVW 5005 Questions and HELP needed

I just got this Home recorder and have been transferring video from my HI8 tapes to disc and was very impressed with the result. I also recorded show from Dish network and was really impressed with picture quality. The problem is everytime I use DVD+RW or DVD-RW I can’t play it on any other players besides the recorder itself regardless what brand of media I use. I have used Verbatim, Ritek (it will regonize the X4 -RW but it will get stuck at preparing disc) memorex, Imation. None of these disc will play on any stand alone player. So far I have tried My Pioneer, RCA, Panasonics players. None of them work. It will only show the main menu and when I hit play the player will go into stop mode after unsuccessfuly trying to read the disc.
Went to Liteon Website and try to download the firmware but keep getting invalid S/N. My player was built in Oct, 2004
My other purpose is to substitute this recorder with my VCR and since I can’t play the rewritable Disc on anyother player kind of wish I should have waited a little bit longer till all the bug are fixed.
Anybody has any idea why it won’t playback the DVD-RW or DVD+RW media please let me know and was there somthing that I missed. (Yes, I finalized all the -RW disc after I burnt it).

Thanks in advance.