LVW-5005 Question

I was just wondering if the newer LVW-5005 can still be firmware upgrade to be macrovision free?
I am thinking about buying one from newegg, but heard a few people say they can’t be upgraded.

For what it’s worth I got 2 in June, and both hacked with no problems. However, CoachPK was having problems hacking his while the user in reply #1188 at succeeded. Note both CoachPK and the reply #1188 user units had “1140” as the second set of 4 digits in serial number while mine was “1840” for that set of 4 digits. Friday I sent CoachPK link to 6 different firmwares with “1140” in serial number, but he has not yet replied. I suggest sending PM to those 2 users for more info on their success or lack of success.

The Sima CT-2 or CT-200 should do the trick, if you don’t mind putting a piece of hardware inline.

Thanks guys for the reply’s.

If I have to buy a sima, I might as well buy a better recorder, that’s one of the reason’s I wanted to know if they can be hacked still.

I got mine last week, finally succeded in backflashing and am now backing up comm vhs tapes no prob. Trick.

Hi, cypressotter, would you mind sharing your experience here? I just got one yesterday and is very keen on turning off the macrovision. Thanks!

PM just received confirming another user had success with instructions and links in reply #1188 at Following those instructions and finding firmware closely matching serial number of unit to be flashed is key and should enable others to succeed.

I got mine this week, finally succeded in backflashing tp 0098 hacked.
was 0102-1140-0101-G2BD (100-010B)
now 0102-1140-0098-G2BD (015-010B)

I’m still waiting for my 5005 to be returned from LiteOn. (I got it from NewEgg about 1 week ago used it for about 2 hours and it started to have some electrical heat issues).

Does anyone know if the units that come back from LiteOn are “Backflashable”??? or are they modified in a way that it is no longer an option???

most likely it will be another unit off the shelf different sn and date and with 0101 fw my 5 RMAs were all new units. It should be Backflashable to 0098. Post information as soon as you get the unit set up, mainboard version drive version firmware version and date. sn: 0102-1840-0101-xxxx is ez to hack and backflash sn: 0102-1140-0101-xxxx is a bit harder (I had to Hex edit the file) be sure fo follow instructions. Good Luck

you want to add some heatsinks

Why would the 1140 be needed to be hacked by using a hex editor??? Would the IOHack 1.5b work for the 1140 version firmware??? If not where can I find detailed How-To’s or a link back to somewhere on the massive 5005 thread where it will walk me through it???

Originally Posted by smogbound
I’m late to this game! I just purchased my LVW-5000 from newegg this week for $87.41 total including tax & (free) shipping. On the other hand it took almost a full day of Googling to figure out how to “update” it with the desired features. To save any other late comers the touble here’s what I found to work for me:

  1. Starting serial number out of box (manufacture date Dec 2005):
    0102-1140-0101-G2BD(100-010B). Where from what I understand means:
    0102 - Motherboard type
    1140 - DVD Drive type
    0101 - System firmware version
    G2BD - DVD drive firmware version
    1 - Region locked to Region 1
    0 - Macrovision ® is ON
    0 - Update filename ends in .ES0
    010B - ???

  2. Upgraded to the latest factory version (LNFA1101.ES0) downloaded from the
    Liteon web site. Theory: factory update may have firmware update for
    drive. After update the SN didn’t change so theory is probably incorrect
    and the update wasn’t necessary.

  3. Downgraded to the factory version of 098 (LNFA1098.ES5) downloaded from I tried to load the "HEXED"
    LNFA1098.ES5 image from several times
    without success. Some people have reported it was necessary to install
    the unhacked version first so I tried that. It didn’t help for me, but
    at least it flashed.

  4. Hacked the factory version using the program downloaded from The resulting differences are
    just 5 bytes:
    Comparing files LNFA1098.ES5 and HACKED\LNFA1098.ES5
    000000A7: 5C 60
    000000EB: DA DE
    000A13D6: 01 00
    000A13DA: 00 01
    001DB034: 1B 1F
    The “hexed” LNFA1098.ES5 image from was
    different by a couple of bytes.

  5. Upgraded the factory 098 using the locally hacked LNFA1098.ES5… worked.
    Device serial number is now 0102-1140-0098-G2BD(015-010B). Macrovision
    and 3hr recording modes tested and working.

this is what worked for me

all the version I had used on my 0102-1840 LVW 5005 did not work (many tries 5+hours) then I tried the above instructions exactly and it worked the very first time.

So let me get this straight. You did not use a “HexEditor” and manually hex edited the “0098” firmware. But you used “Iohack1.5b” and just ran that program over a non-edited 0098 firmware and then used that to change your 5005???

I followed the 5 steps in post #12 including doing the hex edit.

I sent you a PM with the link to the file to use.