LVW 5005 problems

I purchased this LVW-5005 DVD recorder in June, 2004. The first problem was the picture was to bright. Checked with Liteon support and they sent me a firmware update. It would not install. They had me send it in which corrected that problem. It took me a long time to understand the program, chapter instructions in the manual. That was probably my fault. My next problem was finding a brand of blank disc that it would format for recording. Purchased several brands before finding the Verbatum Digital Movie DVD-R which seems to work every time. Even with that disc, sometimes playing back on the 5005 I will get artifacts and skips. On other players it is seldom the disc will play on them. Sometimes it will play over half was through and then quit. In short, I have had more trouble with this unit than it was worth.
Yes, I have updated the firmware. Sorry to burden you with this story, but I feel better. :smiley:

Just wondering why you never did anything about it for over a year of problems?
Like return it, to get another unit.
Do you feel better cause you got it off your chest, or because it is fixed?

Hey, thanks for the reply. For most of that year, I was contacting the service dept of Liteon. They would always recommend a firmware upgrade, which sometimes would install and sometimes not. I guess I did not push hard enough. I had been thinking about posting on the forum for a long time but just didn’t do it. Finally, I did post as you read so I was glad to finally get it done. I hope it might help someone else who is having the same problem. I can get it to record on the Verbatim disc but can’t depend on the disc playing back without problems on another player or the 5005.

frisam - u are not alone…as this forum gets more users the 5XXX problems are becoming more apparent (as with other brands of standalone DVD recorders)…due to the price of the 5XXXs there will be more problems known because more people are buying them.

Best to try out as many functions as you can as soon as you can have different brands of DVDs to try; when you start to have problems call for a RMA form ASAP as the problems will not cure themself. Make sure you did all the updates before you call. you can try a lens cleaner. Remember that media you buy may not work in your present unit but may be fine in the replacement.

Also if you are RMA’ing your unit make sure you get rid of the hacked firmware (macrvision free, 3hr and region free) if you hacked it, before you send it back. If LiteOn sees it there goes your warranty.

Thanks for the tips all of you sent in. I finally gave up on the 5005 because of too many problems. Purchased a Sony RDR-GX300. What a difference. The Sony has accepted the discs the 5005 would not take, the discs recorded on the Sony will play on other players the discs recorded on the 5005 wouldn’t, no artifacts on the Sony discs etc… I have yet to find a brand of discs the Sony will not accept whereas the 5005 would only accept one. I just got a lemon in the 5005. I am glad to have found a good recorder in the Sony. Thanks again

On the other hand, mine works well with some el-cheapo no-name brands being sold by my local wholesale club store, as well as with Sony discs, Memorex, and Fuji.

Yes. Apparently you did. Too bad. They can be nice machines.