LVW-5005 problems in Australia

Hi Everyone,

I have read/skimmed the FAQS and can’t find the answers to my questions.

First up, I want to upload the latest firmware and driver updates, but the files do not appear to be an image. They have some other extension. How do I fix them so i can burn them as an image? Is there a quick area to downlaod the required files?

Second, I have used DVD-R (TDK) to dub old VHS tapes. I have changed no settings but the latest recording I have done, it does not work on other dvd players. Where as the last ones do play. It has been recorded on the SP mode and finalised but no go. I also stopped the recording halfway through to break it up but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.


ok quick update. I was able to get the lastest firmware from the Liteon site to work by using the ILOhack. While it gave me the 3 hr option, I still can’t record the VHS tape I have been trying to. Not sure if macrovision is the problem? Maybe it still is. Any help would be appreciated.
For info my sn is 0102 3640 0098 B208.

updat #2. Just for your info the #sn changed from (405-xxx) to (015-xxx). I’ve read it needs to be (010-xxx) to be macro free. Ok I still need help!
Do I need to install the driver firmware after I installed the hacked system firmware?


If this is your present serial number 0102 3640 0098 B208 (015-XXXX) it shows that you have fw 098 and the (015-XXXX) is region free and MV is disabled and that the update was an ES5 update. You should be ok. What problem are you having with the VHS tape?

It just doean’t play on other DVD players. I have recorded TV, Digital and other videos but this one seem to have an issue. It’s over 15 years old so doubt there is protection. The recorded DVD works well in the Liteon but any other DVD or computer DVD drive, it doesn’t read. I’ve tried finalizing and without, tried breaking up the 80 mins into other titles, tried different quality settings. No joy. Tried DVD-RW from TDK (they never read in the computer drives but my other dvd player can read it.). I’m using the AV front port. Would using the back ones be any different? I wouldn’t think so. I just don’t know what else to try.

Any ideas anyone? They would be most appreciated.


If it recorded ok in the 5005 and plays and is finalized then the other possibility is the other players do not like the media or format. Do the players support the + or - format media you used?

Can you open the DVD in windows explorer to see what is on the DVD?