LVW-5005 Problem with un-finalized discs

I’ve been reading through threads to make sure there isn’t a definitive answer for this, and there doesn’t seem to be - but if I’m wrong someone correct me please! :slight_smile:

I have an LVW-5005 that I bought in February. Have had no problems with it until the last couple of days. I have been using Prodisc 4x DVD-R discs (off of the disc compatibility list). I’d not noticed my problems until recently, but I suppose they could have existed before without me knowing. Basically the problem is this: discs that are not-finalized with data on them are “difficult” to read (I have to put in a disc that works, turn the drive on and off, try the disc again and then it occasionally works, sometimes doesn’t) and discs that were recorded for the full 2 hours in SP mode (like one I did last night) are not readable at all, not even for me to finalize them. Note: I have filled up discs previously, and then finalized them immediately after - no problem with those, it seems to be related to if there is a delay - I recorded the one last night and fell asleep and awoke to a disc that wouldn’t read. But going back through all my non-finalized discs, it seems to present a problem.

I have upgraded the firmware, and tried the hacked firmware as well. Is it possible that it’s just the DISCS (i.e. they don’t do well just sitting around not finalized) or is it the burner? If it’s just the discs I am down to 6 left after going through a package of 50 with no problems, so no big loss. I don’t know what to do if it’s the DVD burner itself.

Any suggestions? Thanks very much!

Try not to record until you get the disc full message…seems sometimes they finalize sometimes they won’t. If your going to record something and not fill the DVD, use the protection thing in the edit section.

44 outta 50 ain’t bad at all

I’ve had the same problem with the unfinalized DVD’s changed media and so far so good with the memorex -r’s. I have a lot of hours on my 5005 recording.

Do you go until the disc is full with the Memorex ones with no problem? or do you just avoid doing that all together?

It seems it is best to avoid going all the way to the end and getting the full message. Play safe, change the mode from 2hr to 3 or 4 hour or use a new dvd to play safe.

I had the same issue with my 5005 bought Feb of this year. did the flash routine to no avail. Just got my RMA to return the unit for a new one. I really like this unit however, i seem to start reading a lot of posts with problems :frowning:

Wonder if this problem is the same as mine, are these your symptoms? :

Using either - or + R media record something then eject from the machine without finalising.
Upon re-insertion the machine sees the disc as new and tries to prepare it for about 6 minutes until finally Fail and Invalid Disc show.
It does not matter which recording mode is used.

HelloShaun - my 5005 had developed the same problem as yours and what I did is here: . It has started to happen with many (about 4 or 5) different media/MIC/MID now that used to work perfectly, so I contacted LiteOn and they said to RMA it. Funny thing my 5005 is working perfectly with Memorex 8x DVD-r (ProdiscF01)and another MIC and I have a few series I want to finish up before I send it back. My warranty with LiteOn is good 'til November '05.

I would record to the DVD, and watch what was recorded.I ejected them unfinalized and when I put them back in to record more. boom, they started to get prepared again and then the fail or invalid message.

Hi jm1647,
I’ve been doing that and it is a short-term fix. Normally it doesnt bother as I tend to exclusively use RW media which behaves fine.
I can take it back but I’m going to wait to see what the new models are like, the 5008 is due v. soon and the 5026 might be out beforehand, so I’ll most probably exchange it then.

Yup Shaun, that is the same exact problem. It doesn’t seem to effect my one DVD-RW disc. I haven’t tried +R discs. All my discs are -R and as far as I can tell an unfinalized DVD can be trouble with this machine! Hope they release a new machine and I can return this one and get the new one, since I do like Lite-On a lot, but this is sort of a fatal flaw with this machine.

What firmware you running?

Hi all, I too have recently gotten this problem, but mine only comes after using the timer. I set the timer,(2hrs), the unit would record, then shut off at the end like it is should. Then when I would turn it on…preparing comes on the screen…5 minutes later…invalid disk error…

I called liteon, their 2nd level immediately said to rma it, sent it out today. I have used this Oct 2004 unit an awful lot since I bought it. Maybe its time was coming to the end.

My point is, I am not sure how good the rma experience is, but if you aren’t satisfied with your liteon, and it is within a year of the manufacturing date, why not send it in? If it is failing…get another.

Hopefully, I wont get a lemon…


Okay, so I tried some new discs. Basically the issue now is this - if I eject a disk or turn the machine off without finalizing it (tried with TDK-R’s, protected each file as I went along, made sure not to fill up the disc) I get a HELL of a time trying to get it to read the disc again, even if I put it right back in seconds later (like tonight, worked on a disc for like three hours, accidentally ejected before i finalized, put it right back in and WHAMO “inavalid disc”)

The other night I COULD get my unfinalized disc to be read (long enough so I could finalize it) but it took a combo of putting in DVD-RW’s, turning the power off and on, inserting and taking out the disc… or maybe it just works every 1000 tries or something lol… it’s SO frustrating, I really like this machine, but what a LAME problem for it to develop. Worse yet, the place I bought it from isn’t answering emails, so I don’t know how I’d even go about getting it serviced or fixed. Anybody have any other suggestions? I’ve had ZERO problems with this recorded except for this, which seemed to just develop (the problem has developed, it didn’t exist at first)

Call Liteon customer support, if your manufacture date is within a year, maybe you can send it back.

Their number is on their website…

Liteon Tech Support/Customer Service # is: CE Product : 1-888-8-LITEON

Hi all, my 5week old 5006,running the latest firmware from lite on, has as of 2 nights ago,started giving me problems with “failed disc” message after inserting a new DVD-R in the drive. Oddly, It was working fine with the same media (Verbatim) up till then. I updated firmware a few days after I got it and mostly was using Phillips 8x dvd+r with excellent results and NO coasters,verbatim 8x DVD-R in the last week before this problem came up. Of course DVD+RW is never a problem I see. During a run of 5 bad verbatims in a row, I also got one failed Memorex DVD+R that followed. Rebooting prior to each new disc. Oh, btw…the "failed DVD-R from verbatim were later used to make copies on my puter using the NEC2610s DVD RW drive with no problem. So guys,if they werent written to yet, chances are they are only “failed” on the lite on drive. The copies made on the NEC played perfectly on the same lite on 5006 it previously identified as “failed”…just saying…they may not be coasters yet. Guess I will have to return this to Radio Shack? that sucks…only 5 weeks of use…what a let down…“Wake up LIte ON” Get a firmware patch going here…this is obviously a pattern of unhappy users that needs to be addressed, and quickly. Wish I bought the Panasonic DRME-S10S right about now. Thinking the next one I buy will be the Panasonic because I don’t see any negative posts with this problem on that model anyway. I only went with the lite on because I thought(foolishly) that the 5006 may have overcome some of the problems earlier models were having. Guess I was very wrong. Hey…do you suppose Radio Shack might just give me a new one at the store to try my luck again? Anyone else have that experience? I’d love to hear about it, thanks again …Bob (New York)

Lol, ok, that was painless,and quick too…! Radio Shack just swapped the other 5006 for a new one,only this time, I’m going to leave the firmware “AS IS” until I actually have a problem with it…and then…we will have some idea if it’s the new firmware that’s screwed up, or Lite _on drives for these units in general.Seems to work fine right out of the box,like the last one did ! I’ll be here…watching,listening…and waiting. Soon as anything else happens…I WILL let you all know as always… Bob (New York)

I have RMA’ed my LVW-5005 as suggested in the group here, so I’ll give you guys the scoop when it gets back. My LVW-5005 actually got worse in the days before I sent it back. It stopped reading some commercial discs and discs made in the drive that were finalized, and would absolutely under no circumstances “prepare” a new disc, and thus I could no longer burn discs with it at all. The funny thing is - the DVD-RW’s still worked flawlessly haha. Lite-On is kind of hard to deal with as far as their customer service goes, but that’s mostly just due to the language barrier, which is not their fault at all, but it does make it difficult. As long as you are persistent and make sure they understand you/you understand them clearly, they seem to be pretty helpful, hopefully the unit I get back leads to a better experience!