LVW-5005 PAL / NTSC question

I’ve seen variants of this question asked, but not the exact question, so I’m asking now:

I have:
an NTSC TV connected to
an LVW-5005 in NTSC mode, with region locking disabled

Will I be able to play a PAL DVD on my LVW-5005 and watch it on that NTSC TV at the same time? Or do I need to go buy a PAL TV to watch that PAL DVD?

Thanks in Advance.

I’m in the States. Stuff here is NTSC.

My Apex DVD player can handle both PAL and NTSC discs, and if (during setup) you’ve told it your TV is NTSC, it’ll play ANY disc back in NTSC format, converting if need be. A PAL disc borrowed from a friend played back fine on the Apex.

I’m pretty sure I’ve run the disc in my LiteOn as well, and it also was able to handle the PAL disc, producing a normal, viewable picture on my NTSC television.

Hold on…

I’ll go double check.

Playing back without a hitch.

Looks fine in every way.

Final comment-

From what I’ve picked up from other people on various forums, the key thing seems to be not if your DVD player can handle a disc that’s in PAL format, but rather if it can handle a disc coded for a different region.

If your player can accomodate the region coding of a foreign disc, there’s a very good chance it’ll also be able to play it even if it’s a different TV format.