LVW-5005 on t'fritz - Difficulty with certain DVD media

Greetings all

I purchased the above mentioned DVD Recorder just over 2 months ago and I am now having issues with it. I didn’t purchase it for any recording purposes, merely a previous DVD player couldn’t be multi-regioned and this seemed a suitable replacement with the store credit I received upon return, I can’t find any threads dealing with this problem specifically as they seem mostly to be related to recording errors and such.

Anyway, I copied a few of my retail DVD’s using AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 on my PC, seemingly with success. Firstly I used some Maxell DVD-R’s I had lying around and these worked a charm and continue to work a charm, however I later had to resort to using Kodak DVD+R’s and these have proven troublesome. I can on occasion get them running splendidly on the 5005 (And with no issues on other DVD players, or my PC), but with increasing frequency I get invalid disk errors. As I said, the Maxell disks and retail DVD’s work perfectly in the 5005 and I don’t believe I’ve ever had such a problem with any of them. I initially suspected this was an overheating problem because I once watched 2 of these Kodak movies in a row (And very vociferous the player was during), then tried a third straight after and got an invalid disk error and indeed the two I’d just watched yielded the same result, however after 4 or 5 hours I could chuck them in and watch them in all their glory. But this doesn’t seem to work now.

Ideally, I would like to somehow remedy this problem. I have never updated firmware or anything but would that prove a worthy endeavour in this case? If so, would someone be kind enough to direct me to suitable files and perhaps a tutorial?

In case it matters, I have this player on region free using the 2960 type crack, and 'twas purchased in Canada so is presumably the American version. I’ve not attempted any modifications except the region hack.


The Liteon DVDRW drive within the 50xx recorder is probably not the best DVDRW around and one has to pay careful attention to the type of disc you use (the so called approved discs: try reading this thread on media: I don’t believe Kodak makes any media themselves and given the financial woes Kodak is in, I think they just slapped their name on the most profitable/cheapest media out there.

The DVDRW drive problem is probably why so many are having problems and resorting to repeating RMAs and even swapping out the factory drive. I don’t believe a firmware update for the drive is worth it or will solve your problem. You should try a cheap DVD player to play and/or better (approved) media for recording.

Well naturally I’ll probably be going with those Maxell discs from now on, shame is I have about 40 of these kodak discs that I’d like to utilize first :doh: They were reassuringly expensive.

Think I’ll be taking back the 5005 back for an exchange too. Just quickly, in your opinion who makes the best players these days?

Sounds like you burn your on DVDs, so why not get a Divx DVD player.
This was a deal about 10 days ago, but I am sure it will come around again.
Fry’s also owns

Fry’s is selling a Divx DVD Player for $24.99AR. It’s $44.99 with a $20 rebate. PLU #4424886. Saw it in the Merc.

Here’s the link to it on outpost. It’s a wee bit more expensive there.

Update: It’s $19.99AR now.

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The $19.99 sale after rebate ended Tuesday August 2nd. The $20 rebate expires 9-30-2005 so you can still order it at or buy it in Fry’s B&M for $39.99 after rebate. $59.99 is the regular price before rebate. Possibly this player will go on sale again at Fry’s B&M before the rebate expires.

Region Hack:

  1. Open Tray using remote.
  2. Push 2812 on remote.
  3. Change Region to 9 by pushing OK repeatedly (9 is ALL REGION for this player).
  4. Close tray using remote control to save setting.

Some of these DVD Players seem to be “Region Free” out of the box.

Firmware Version:

To check your firmware version:

  1. Open Tray
  2. Push “Display” on remote.

Only for informational purposes, as Terapin doesn’t seem to be offering any firmware updates.

See the attachment in this post for the extracted supported media codes and speeds from my 5005 ddw-451s drive with the g2bd firmware.

Although after a while my ddw-451s developed trouble recognizing media in the internal supported media table.

Presumably the benefits of a DivX player is that it’ll play just about anything you chuck at it. I have maybe 200 retail DVD’s (120 or so being PAL) and 60 copied, so I guess this would run all of these without any foreseeable problems and with the added advantage of special support for PC copied discs and more support for more brands of media? If so then I think I’ll be going for it.

However, even without the deal that player seem offputtingly inexpensive, my 5005 cost C$200, but I’m willing to perhaps double that just for a reliable, multi region DVD player. I don’t have any special demands or requirements from my player so is it ill-advised to select one of the following:

Based solely on the fact I recognise the brands and they’re more expensive? They don’t seem to be notable for their flexibility but I can only assume they’d be as good as the player you initially mentioned, or should I be going for something truly dedicated to playing copied discs?

Your best bet may be to burn a few DVDs with your favorite media and bring those discs to a Best Buy or other electronics stores and test them out. I have seen people who have done that and the sales people don’t seem to mind. Although I would avoid attracting too much attention if I were you when you are playing a duplicate disc of copyrighted material. :wink: