Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any background noise on the front rca inputs. All the other inputs are perfect, but the front connection continually lets an electric beating sound back through the tv speakers, even when theres nothing plugged into them. As soon as the input is changed via the remote the noise stops. This also causes a fair bit of distortion in the sound recording when recording something through the front rca inputs too.

Any ideas anyone?

Could it just be faulty front rca inputs?

It’s endemic, I’m afraid. It is supposedly due to the type of display and poor shielding of the front inputs. Use only the rear inputs and you’ll be OK.

That’s these crazy 5005’s my front and rear A/V inputs are quiet as a mouse but of course my R/F tuner is noisy? Maybe a faulty/cold soldered wire on the front inputs? My Mfr date is Sep’04

My front and rear A/V inputs are fine. I use the front often to transfer VHS content to DVD. Never had a problem.

Nothing to to with cord quality as no cords are in the front but it still makes the noise on AV1 I think it is. Back inputs are fine but the front ones aren’t.

I was going to use the front inputs to transfer vhs to dvd but now I can’t. The sound distortion and background noise associated with the front inputs makes the quality unbearable.

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