LVW-5005 "NO DISC" - and no spin-up either. Advice?

I have an LVW-5005 that my wife and I have been very happy with since we got it (from Costco as an open box unit, probably a little less than 2 years ago) - but now it’s developed the dreaded “NO DISC” problem. A little additional testing demonstrated that, though I hear a little motor sound from inside the drive, the discs aren’t actually spinning up at all (which kills any hope of dusty lens or firmware upgrading).

My options seem to be either sending it for service or replacing the drive myself - and I’m worried that if it goes out to the company for service, they’ll “helpfully” remove the 3h/no-MV hacked firmware, possibly replacing it with a version I can’t reflash, and/or do something like send back a refurbed, “improved” 5xxx-series unit that ALSO can’t be reflashed usefully.

What I’d like advice on is:

[li]Does this sound like the kind of problem I can fix with a drive replacement?
[/li][li]Which model drive is the current favorite? (Searches don’t seem to be working now, but earlier today I got the idea that the 1693 is now hard to find.)
[/li][li]Are there other fixes (heat-sink mods or whatever) that I should do while I’m in there?
[/li][li]And finally, I saw that someone said in one of the threads that if I got the unit from Costco, I’ve got warranty “for life.” What does that mean?

All advice appreciated! :bow:

Well, I’d hate to lead you up the garden path as I’m a frustrated 5005 owner myself. What I can tell you is that whilst running various last ditch pokings and proddings [you’ll see what if you look at my postings] I simply took the dvd burner out of my computer and dropped it straight in. As it happens it’s an NEC but… nothing changed except I think I had to mess about with the open and close instructions. Hope that helps. There are, I believe, references to this very subject on the forum. I’m in a rush at the mo so I’ll come back later. regs P.S

I’ve been messing with these 5005’s for over 2 years now and I’m on my 3rd one!! I just got the same problem! The best cure is go to BB and get a Panasonic ES-15 for $169. Can’t hack it but everything else is head and shoulders above the 5005!!
Click below to read my story: Read the last post and 6th from the bottom tells about the Panny ES-15!!

I don’t have a 5005 but have read the sub forum about them since I came here.
It appears that the drive has gone kaput but you will find detailed instructions in replacing the drive. If you can use a screwdriver and build with Lego bricks it’s relatively easy. Just read the threads carefully and you should be ok.
Best wishes.