LVW-5005, No digital sound



Has anyone come across this problem with their recorders? I have recorded home video on DVD-r media (memorex and sony brands) which will play both video and audio on my computer and on a combo tv-dvd unit. However the dvd’s will play video but not audio through my home theater system using the optical digital output between the player and receiver. Commercial dvd’s play without problems with my system. I also had a friend record a dvd -r with his recorder and it plays on my system without problems. I have recorded VCD’s with this LiteOn recorder and the VCD’s will have digital sound with this system. I just can’t get digital sound from the dvd-r.
I have tried calling tech support and was told on two occasions that this recorder does not record digital sound which doesn’t make sense to me. If anyone is having this problem, I would like to hear from you.



Hi, I’m not sure about the lvw-5005, but the lvw-5001 uses mpeg surround 2.0 for sound when making recordings, not dolby digital 2.0. You say the recording made by yr friend played ok on yr system, has yr friend got the same dvd recorder? I ask because some recorders use Dolby Digital 2.0 when recording (phillips dvr-615 does for instance), others like the lvw-5001 don’t


Thanks for your reply. My Sony dvd player does indicate mepg on the front display. My friend’s dvd recorder is a Funai, and his recorded dvd plays in dobly digital format. The LiteOn manual says the audio recording format is MPEG1 Layer2 which appears not to be the same as dolby digital. Do you know how to record on a LiteOn to where a 5.1 receiver can decode the sound?


Am not sure eactly what 5.1 decoder you have but when I play a dvd recorded on my lvw-5001 (mpeg surround 2.0) my 5.1 decoder switches over to dolby surround mode automatically & I get the sound as normal. One thing you could do is to use Tmpgenc Dvd Author to re-author your dvd recordings on your pc, to change the sound to Dolby Digital 2.0 format (your need to get the optional ac3 plugin for the program though). That’s what I actually do, I prefer DD2.0 sound over the mpeg surround which the liteons use :slight_smile:


I had the same problem. My other DVD player is a Pioneer 563A and I had to go into the setup menu to tell the machine to output the mpeg sound through the digital output. Now it plays fine in my home theater.