LVW-5005 - no audio when using s-video input




No doubt I have something hooked up wrong. When I choose s-video as the input source for recording, and then play it back, I have no audio, but the video records fine, and I can hear the audio during recording. When I choose TV as the recording input, I then get the audio recorded too. I have a surround amp and because there are so many different options on how to cable things up, I realize there may not be a simple answer, but thought I’d give it a shot.



It always amazes me WHY people buy this junk in the first place. Those standalone DVD recorders are garbage! Image quality is horrid, sound is too low, you notice artifacting and blocking at most any bitrate…These things do not use top quality codecs… I’ve gotten even the most expensive units… I’ve returned all that garbage and gotten myself an ADS InstantDVD 2.0, outstanding image quality !
A lot of these standalone consumer DVD recorders use the crappy LSI (Formely C-CUBE) chipsets, which are known to be poor.


The S-video input is also part of AV2. Make sure your audio cables run from your source to the red and white RCA jacks on the back of the 5005. If you now get both sound and picture from AV2 then you should also get sound and picture from S-video.

Other questions should probably be asked in the LiteOn 5005 forum, then you can avoid free-lance and ultimately unhelpful opinions.



Thank you for the reply. I doubled checked the audio cables and they seem correct - going to the L and R inputs. When using the Guider to setup a recording session, the only 2 video options that show input are TV and s-video. Anyway for now I’m using the TV input to record as it also gives me sound. I’ll pursue this further on the lite-on 5005 forum as you suggested.

Thanks again.