Lvw-5005 newbie help



Hi guys I purchased a 5005 like a year the thing has been great till now. I don’t finalize my disks right away so I have a ton of them sitting here and now my recorder won’t reconize them and says there is no disk or just makes lots of noise. Is the burner done or should I clean it like the thread I found says to do. how safe is doing this. If that does’t work and I have to replace the burner which one is the best to use I seen the article on the 160 im sure I can get it in but not sure on the “flashing” process.


You might try cleaning first to see if it helps, but I’ve seen numerous posts where cleaning didn’t help. Read to see where several have had success with the LiteOn SHM-160P6S, one had success with the LiteOn SHM-165H6S, one had success with the LiteOn SHM-165P6S and one had success with the 451 drive which is one of the original drives in some 5005s I think. I’d be reluctant to try the 451 drive since I’ve read several posts where units under warranty were RMAd and replaced with units that failed after just a few noths use. All this considered I decided to go with the SHM-165P6S still available at NewEgg for $27.49 plus shipping while the SHM-165H6S and SHM-160P6S are much harder to find and costs from around 50% more to 3 times the SHM-165P6S NewEgg price. Be sure to connect replacement drive to PC first to flash with latest firmware and utilities desired if you do decide on replacement. The PC flashing process is even easier than 5005 flashing because burning to CD is not required as it is with 5005 flash. The 5005 flashing process is quite easy and no different from any other flash you may have done to your unit, but be sure to flash your unit with firmware you desire before replacing the drive.


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thanks alot im gonna try the cleaning method first and when i put the drive in my pc it wont affect my setup right now like are these drivers im applying sadly im so lost. i didnt even know about the updates and such till yesterday when i found this forum thank god for you people.


Updating firmware is not very hard, even drive replacement can be done with few problems. Just ask we can direct you for help.


Updating firmware is not very hard, even drive replacement can be done with few problems. Just ask we can direct you for help.

Update Firmware
Replace DVD drive


Thanks CCRomeo for editing the typo errors which is the better way and should avoid any possible confusion. Monkeywrench, you may like to know there are hacked firmwares to make the 5005 region free and macrovision copy protection free since you’re new to firmware updates. Note you should update to latest firmware first to fix a 16x media problem, and then flash to hacked firmware version if desired. Go to to search for hacked firmware, and please be aware versions past 098 don’t hack which some newbies seem to over look.



you might like to read the info here: