LVW 5005 multiple output question

Hi, I’ve searched for the answer for this question but not found it anywhere. I have an LVW 5005 (just bought it last week - US version) and when I have component cables plugged in, there doesn’t seem to be any signal sent out on the AV cable at the same time. Is this a known issue with these recorders? I just upgraded to the latest firmware LNFA1091.ESU and it’s still the same. Basically on the setup menu for output, it just shows component or progressive for output options.


I have the Euro version so I’m afraid I cant help as it features SCART connectors only, however you should try searching for an answer or posting a question in Lite-On’s official forums for its DVD recorders:

I Looked in my manual and it said "if using component out don’t use any other output " I think it means picture out not sound and yes this is how it was written in my copy!!

hope this helps

I use component and video out at the same time, basically using the s-video as an output for recording (the a/v swich I use doesn’t downconvert component). I take that a step further by using the composite video as a monitor output. So, yes, I’m using all the video outputs from my unit at the same time. I hope that never changes with firmware upgrades, it would really bugger up my setup!