LVW 5005 Firmware

Dear All
I just purchased Lite-On LVW 5005 in Australia.
I heard it can be up graded by Firmware to have 3 hour recording and remove Macrovision.
My S/N is 0102-3640-0098-b208(405-010d).
Can anyone help me to up date the firmware so I can enjoy 3 hour recording and remove macrovision?

@duke996 - go to the LiteON site and download the 098 firmware that is available and then get IloHacker which will do the hacks for you

where can the 098 be found? is it on an ftp or what? going to normal site only gives latest version which is 1101.

I just checked and the 098 fw is still available for US and Canada for my 5005 serial number, which is all I checked. What country and serial number did you use?

I need the 098 version for my US 0104-1840-0092-G2B9. Does anyone know where it can be found?



looks like 5006A SN if so I can PM it to you

it’s labelled a 5005A

thanks for help


very odd with the first 4 digits being 0104 not 0102

just took cover off, it has a 451s drive

5005, 5006 can have 451s or 813s drives. both are crap

that’s why i’m going to mod it to a 1693s in a few days, currently can’t prepare any disks for recording

good plan PM me if you need any help.

My first 5005 was a 0104-1840-0090-g2b9. See this link it looks like the 5006 firmware was used on a 5005 and worked see here

thanks, after searching around I found the same thread and downloaded and applied the Ilo hack and installed the firmware. Believe it or not it is now recognizing my Verbatim DVD-R discs and recording OK with hack working. Still going to put 1693 in when it arrives though. who wudda thunk it!!!

@slinkmo - if your at 0104-1840-0098-g2b9 the g2bd fw for the drive is here

pardon my newbieness but why should it have the g2bd?

Hi!! Thanks for trying to help me. I was away for a while and I couldn’t reponds to your message.
I have managed to download file called and Which file is the right file that you recommended? Thanks…

I missed your reply somehow - the g2bd is a new drive firmware but if you are ok at g2b9 with the media you use don’t use it.

You mentioned you are in Australia use the LNFF4098 if that is what it gave you wnhen you put in your setup screen serial number and you chose Australia as your country. Wasn’t there a drivew update also for you to get?

Thank you for your help, jm1647 !!!
I got everything I need and works well !!!
Thanks again~~~