LVW-5005 Firmware flash failure

I went to LiteOn site and downloaded firmware “Lnfa1091.esu”
which was supposed to be the new one for my unit. When I flashed it
seemed to be flashing ok and then said “update Failure” now unit is dead!

You are not alone! I had the exact same thing happen to me this weekend. Updated, or attempted to, and now the unit is dead.

Customer support told me that they never had this happen before. Somehow I think it is related to the 91 firmware.

I do get some display on the frnt panel. Says “Put in CD” then when I do, it spins about for a bit then displays “F-UP 91” Then after a minute, “ERROR”.

I am awaiting an email from Liteon as well as a hard copy of the CD to rectify this. So far it has been over 24 hours and I am still waiting for an email from them.

If you have any luck at all, please let me know!! I will do the same.

Wow Hope you guys get sorted. It never occured to me that a firmware flash could render my unit useless. I have a 5045 and was keen to upgrade every time there was one on offer. Please let us all know how you get on.

I hope we get it sorted too. As of yet, Liteon has not responded to me. Funny, I spent an hour on the phone with them yesterday and the guys swears he never heard of this problem. Kind of ticks me off that they can’t take a few minutes to get these issues resolved from a higher level.

As it stands, I will most likely RMA the unit back to Newegg (I’m in the US) if I don’t hear from Liteon by tomorrow evening. I would rather have a resolution though, because this can happen again if we don’t get some answers. I hate not knowing why something went wrong. But as strange as it sounds, I feel a bit better knowing that I’m not the only one.

Well, after talking to Liteon yet AGAIN, and sending an email, they sent me the following:

Here is the RMA form you requested. Please fill out completely and email back. Make sure you give a detail description of what is wrong with the unit. Remember that an RMA number will not be assigned until we receive the completed form.

(See attached file: DVD RMA FORM V3.doc)

Lite-On provides 14 months of warranty service from the date of manufactured or 1 year from the invoice date with proof of purchase.

Please return the drive to the store where it purchased for replacement service. Only if you have any problems, then we can issue a RMA number to you.

Thank you for contacting Lite-On Tech Support. If you reply please include all previous emails.

Best Regards,

Lite-On (USA) Tech Support,

Interestingly enough, the first email I recieved from tech support was details on how to hook the unit up to my TV. HUH? I described to them much like I did here what the problem was. They have no clue.

Long story short, I have to send it back to Newegg. At least they will replace it without a run around.

I also got a RMA and sent it back to NewEgg. My new one should be here soon. I think I will sell it and just use my Panasonic.

Kind of sad actually. Now when I get the new unit, I will be reluctant to attempt another upgrade.

Would seem to me that the Liteon support in the US should be a bit more informed on the products. They don’t seem to have much knowledge or experience as far as I can tell. The support they give is spotty at best.

I can’t speak much for the unit though. Not having had it long enough to form any sort of opinion. But, from what I have read, it would seem to be the most user friendly unit available. I guess I will find out when I get it back.

Once again, if ANYONE has had a similar experience with this unit please post and let us know what your results were. I’m sure we’d like to avoid this in the future and maybe there is a simple solution that we may have missed.

Since there seem to be a rash of these failures lately, it would be interesting to compare manufacture dates. Perhaps there was a run of bad flash ROM chips and this is how it is being discovered. Are all of these failures occurring the first time people have attempted to do a flash upgrade, or have their units been successfully updated in the past, only to fail on a recent attempt? Just curious.

Well, the unit I had was made in October of 2004. Firmware was 090 if that helps. And yes, it would be interesting to compare and see if there is any connection.

Oh… The last guy I spoke to at customer support told me that the 5005 clears it’s ROM just prior to loading the firmware. He said if there was any kind of hiccup at that point… (I assume like a skipping drive, power surge, etc) it would render the unit brain dead.

While I think he may have some idea, I don’t think he is right. Even after brain death, my unit knew what was a valid file and what wasn’t. It DID attempt to load the 091 firmware but errored at the end.

My guess is that they may have had some drives with faulty alignment causing the laser to miss the mark at the crucial point in the load, or that there is a system fault that is caused by another chip. In any case, I don’t think they will tell us what the problem is anyway. Just guessing at this point.

My standard procedure for doing firmware flashes from CD is to use the highest quality media I have, burn at the slowest supported speed, and do a binary compare of the CDR with the original file. Then I power all involved devices on a uninterruptible power supply until the process is finished.


I agree that is the best way to go. However, I don’t think that 90% of the people using this unit are computer saavy at all. I do much the same as you do and I also have the fortune of 3 different burners to choose from.

My point is, Liteon should have a “Failsafe ROM” in the unit burned with a copy of the firmware that the unit was shipped with. In the event of a failure such as this, The user could simply do something like flip a switch, power on the unit, let the permanent ROM redump onto the EPROM, then prompt the user to flip the switch back to the off position and re power the unit.

I doubt it would ad more than a few dollars to the over all cost of the unit. I have a similar feature on my Gigabyte motherboard. It has 2 BIO’s chips. One is used as a failsafe if your burn fails. If successful, you have the option to duplicate the successful brun to the backup BIO’s. This motherboard sells for under $50 U.S. now.

I guess in time things will get better. I’m rather surprised that there aren’t more complaints about this problem. Hopefully the problem is rare, but will eventually be resolved for the future.

From what some have posted; e.g. attempting to flash modified firmware ahd failing, or having the player crash and need to be reloaded … you gotta believe there is some kind of failsafe built in.
Perhaps it is just a boot loader, capable of doing nothing but prompting for, and loading a CD with a new flash firmware file, that remains after an unsuccessful or corrupted flash.
That’s why I suspect the cases here which described ‘dead’ machines after attemting a flash may be related to defective hardware (e.g. a bad run of flash rom chips) such that the built-in failsafe methods don’t work.
Just speculation, of course.

I hope you’re right. However, my machine was not totally dead either. I was prompted to insert a cd. Got the “F-UP 091” as if the unit was attempting to upgrade, then “ERROR” on the units display after a minute or so. What was dead to me was any sort of video output.

I susspect a drive with an alignment problem myself. I’ve seen this kind of thing happen in other devices. So yeah, I too think it is hardware related.

I don’t know what the order of events is when a firmware flash is done on this machine. Someone had posted that the flash is cleared FIRST … which makes NO sense as there could never be any failsafe if the CD is bad.
We have surmised that there is no full “failsafe” copy of the firmware to fall back on, once flash programming has actually started.
During various operations the front display gives a number which is presumably how far from complete the current operation is (up to 100%).

Now - stay with me here. The newer 5005’s won’t load firmware that has been patched as described in the past; from what I read it’s because there is a seocnd checksum added to prevent tampering.
So … the player MUST read the entire firmware into a buffer and check it BEFORE beginning to program the flash ROM chip. If it didn’t, there would be no way to recover if the flash file were invalid.
If that’s the case, then your drive alignment theory would not make sense … because a bad “read” from the firmware CDR would cause it to reject the firmware and reset.
I only did a flash once, and did not really notice if the CDR is constantly being read through the upgrade process, or if it reads, stops, and then counts up to 100%.

So … I’m still betting on a hardware problem AFTER the CD is read … like a bad flash chip.

Well, all I can do is repeat what tech support told me (great brain trust in the US lol) that the ROM is wiped before the CD is read. Seems to me to be a rather stupid config since there would be no way of recovering from a bad burn. That being the case, a ms-aligned drive could be a possibility albeit a slim one. All would depend on how the firmware upgrade is handled. And since no one is offering any official technical insight, I guess we’ll have to continue to assume.

I have the same problem. Hope we can fix it!


Nevermind. No help.

Got my new unit back from Newegg. Everything works ok. Tuner seems a bit noisy though but that may be the cable (reception has been flakey of late). I am now very reluctant to attempt a firmware upgrade on the unit. I don’t want it to become another doorstop.

Has anyone found a solution for this prolem yet?

Just did updates on my newly purchased one (had it maybe three weeks) this morning. Files are at home so I can’t tell you which versions they are. File dates were really recent though, like the Firmware one was yesterday and the Drive one was a couple of days back.

Now if someone could only tell me why I can’t play back recorded DVD+R’s in my Daewoo 5800 I would be a happy bunny!