Lvw-5005 Dvd Disk Speed



I have a LVW-5005 and I need to know what the disk speed I should use,
2.4x or 4x

Also I have downloaded and installed the update: LNFA 1098.ESU.0102.114X and drive : LNFA 1000.E20.0102.114X and I would like to know what they do for my unit?


It should be fine with both ( the drives used are from the Liteon family models are either the 411s through to 451s or the 811s to 813s (models start DDW in the units but are the same apart from firmware to the LDW pc drives )

The drive firmwares generally inprove compatibilty with disks.

The system firmware removes bugs in the firmware ( bit like windows and service packs )