LVW-5005 drive swap issues with Sony DRU-800A

Hi folks,

So I finally got tired of the worn-out original drive in my LVW-5005 failing to recognize DVD-R media and got a Sony DRU-800A from ebay to put in it. I picked the 800A because a lot of folks had had success with the LiteOn 1693 it’s based on, and because I knew how to make it do book type and get region control out of the way. I put it in an external case to do some work on it first. I got the latest Sony firmware, KY06, set the book type to DVD-ROM, and used the LiteOnRPC to get region control out of the way, and then did some test burns. It seemed to be fine with the media I normally use.

Last night I put the drive into my LVW-5005 and was very happy when it read the first couple of disks I put in it, including one I hadn’t finalized. I was also happy to see it immediately prepare the first DVD-R I put in. But then I tried to burn a show to disk at the fastest speed. The burn hung after 13 seconds with a TDK DVD-R (CMC MAG. AM3), after 30 seconds with a Sony DVD-R (SONY16D1), and ran quite awhile with an Office Depot DVD+R (Ritek R03) but ultimately reported “Disc Full” and would not play or finalize at all :eek: . I’m a short ways into a recording at the SP (2 hour) speed, and it’s better so far, but I’m concerned about reliability and tired of making coasters. I pretty much don’t record at the 1 hour speed in real life.

I’m trying to figure out if I got a turkey of a drive and if there’s something I can do about it :sad: Does anyone have an 800A or a 1693 in a 5005 and have ideas? How much might cross-flashing to other firmware help? If this thing gives me more trouble, I have a Sony DRU-810A (a BenQ based model) that’s been a great drive in my computer, but I don’t relish the thought of fiddling with the bezels again.

I have a 1693 in my 5005x and it works fine. The only thing is I can’t record CD’s anymore. Everything else works great. I would try to flash the 800A to a 1693. They are both 4th. generation and should be able to cross flash. More info on this can be found at

Thanks for the comments. The recording I made at 2 hour speed worked fine, as has another, so I guess as long as I don’t try the 1 hour, I’m okay. I may still cross-flash this thing later, though.

One other thing - I’d tried to set the book type with a Nero tool, and found that my recordings were still not showing up as DVD-ROM. So last night, I downloaded the official LiteOn book type tool, pulled the 800A out of my DVD recorder, and set the book type, then ran the tool again to verify the setting, and it was there. But when I put the drive back in the 5005, I still don’t get the book type set when I make recordings. I don’t know whether I would expect this to get set during disk prep, show recording or finalization - any thoughts?

I don’t beleave the Lite-On recorder itself will record in DVD-ROM. I record with DVD+RW media and then copy to a DVD+R using my computer. I found this to be the best way for my needs. You might want to give this a try. Using the computer you can make the copy a DVD-ROM if that is what you want to do. Hope this helpped you out.

According to info in the “Read First” area of the LiteOn Burner forum the LiteOn models 1693 and older (including Sony DRU-800A since it’s rebadged LiteOn 1693) book type reverts to default +R setting and must be reset to DVD-ROM using book type tool. Later models like my SHM-165P6S remain set to what it was last changed, and my SHM-165P6S does create DVD-ROM in my 5005 because I set it to DVD-ROM before installing in the 5005. I no longer have to record to RW media and then record to DVD-ROM on the PC because it’s now just 1 step process in the 5005.

However, according to more info in the “Read First” area of the LiteOn Burner forum the OminiPatcher changes default book type setting to DVD-ROM for the 1693 and older models. The OmniPatcher should achieve rthurlow’s goal to set book type to DVD-ROM for his DRU-800A in the 5005.