LVW-5005 drive replacement

Hi - having read a number of threads in this forum I decided to order a SHW-160P6S as a backup replacement if my drive in the 5005 died.

The vendor has sent a SHM165P6S.

Is the SHM-165P6S a suitable replacement in the 5005?



it should be a fine replacement

it should be a fine replacement. the 5005 can’t use light scribe or DVD-RAM

I Just Wanted To Thank Everyone For Their Help. I Have A Liteon Lvw-5005x Dvd Recorder And The Drive Was Shot. I Used A Liteon Shw-106p6s-04 That I Bought From Newegg For $29 Free Shipping. This Is A Great Replacement Drive For This Unit. The Only Problem Is That It Has To Be Mounted External. Everyone Was Correct About No Fast Foreward Or Fast Rewind. The Chapter Skip Works Fine. I Have Recorded And Played Dvd’s Just Fine. I Did Have To Put It In The Computer To Upgrade Drive From Oa To Ob And Set Region Code. I Am Going To Get Another Backup Replacement Because I Have Another Lvw-5005x That I Use Alot. Once Again Thanks To Everyone For All The Great Information On How To Change The Drive And What Drive To Use.

The Only Problem Is That It Has To Be Mounted External ??? you can mount it internaly with just a little effort I have done it twice. search the posts for directions.

It Wouldn’t Mount Inside The 5005x. Did You Do It On A 5005x? This Is Not The Same As A 5005.

I don’t have a 5005x but I would think it could be adapted to fit inside with some work, send a photo of the insides with org drive removed. You may need to do some cutting.

Cc Romeo Thanks For Your Interest In Helpping Me. I Can’t Get Pictures To Post And Really I Don’t Know To Do It. I Spent A Lot Of Time Looking For Someone That Did A 5005x But Only Found People That Did 5005. If You Look At The Pictures That Tuunedport350 Posted Back In Jan. I Might Be Able To Explain The Problem. There Is No Bracket Holding The Drive In Place. No White Mounting Pads In Front. No Plastic Tabs To Cut. When I Planned To Do This I Thought The Two Units Would Be The Same. I Even Read Krazel’s Input How He Changed His Drive. I Also Read That One Of The Differances In The 5005 And 5005x Ios The Front Of The Unit. New Drive Was Very Tight Had To Force And Could Not Get It All The Way Foreward. I Decided The Easiest Way Was To Mount It On Top. It Looks Ok On Top And Works. Thats The Main Thing. I Just Wanted To Thank Everyone That Posted Input On How To Change A The Drive. It Helped Me A Lot. If You Do Find Someon That Has Done A 5005x And Put The Replacement Drive Inside I Would Be Interested How They Did It. I Have Been Reading The Postings On Cd Freaks For A While Now. I Like The Idea That People Are Willing To Help, By Sharing Information With Everyone. Keep Up The Good All You Cdfreaks I’ll Be Watching. Looking For Someone That Did A Lvw-5005x Drive Replacement.

Hi - looks to have gone off topic a little.

When I receive the SHM-165P6S is there anything I need to do before fitting it to the 5005?

I assume fit it to my PC, update firmware to latest and use LTNRPC to make region free

Anything else?


Sorry I Went Off Topic. Just Take The Time To Look How Others Did It. It Helped Me But I Couldn’t Do It Their Way Because I Have The 5005x. Good Luck

Once you set the jumper and fite the drive in your PC play an origional movie to set the region (or the drive will not play orgional movies in your 5005, also up date the firmware. Then remove the drive from your PC set the jumper to master, and connect in place of your 5005 drive and test all functions. I assume the 5005 firmware is hacked 098.

Thanks - a little confused - If I play a movie to set the region can I still play any region DVDs when it is fitted to the 5005?

I think it is hacked 098 - how do I check? I do have macrovision protect off and the 3 hr mode - I did the hack just after I bought it but not dabbled since. Where can I find if it is hacked 098?

if the SN reads xxxx-xxxx-0098-xxxx (015-xxxx) it is hacked OK, once the drive is in the 5005 it will be region free. You must set the (any region ) in you PC first (just so it will play origional DVDs) after that the region free is from the 5005 (sorry I can’t prove this as all my discs are region free or region 1)