LVW-5005: can you downgrade/reflash firmware?

I posed this question in another thread but it kinda got lost in the main discussion.

Does anyone have experience with firmware updates after loading patched firmware?

Here and there, for instance, there were messages indicating that enabling the 3-hour mode (regardless of whether it is actually used on a given disc) can introduce jitter. Someone also posted here about darker areas turning greenish after loading the patched firmware … though this kinda sounds like a hardware issue.

Suppose, then, you want to go back to the factory version of the firmware you patched … will the 5005 accept it?

Many people are flashing patched firmware just to enable the 3-hour mode. A longstanding rumor has it that a future official firmware upgrade will address this, as well as add features such as DIVX playback. Will the machine accept new factory firmware over a “base” rev which has been patched?

I saw one report in which someone tried reflashing an Oct 2004 unit with factory 1091 over a patched 1091, and he said the 5005 “just spit it out”.

I’m considering flashing the patched 1091 firmware but don’t want to limit future options. Has anyone actually done this?

I believe you can reset to the factory version by going to the setup menu, selecting system/defaults/restore defaults.

After firmware 076 you cannot downgrade, you can sideways upgrade, ie from original to hacked 091 and vice versa