LVW-5005 buzzing sound when recording live TV (cable)

When recording from cable TV. I am getting a buzzing sound. When recording from the AV-1 front in don’t get this problem. Anyone had a similar problem ? or know how to fix it ?

It is a LVW-5005 with the lastest firmware updates.


5005’s have been known to have a noisy tuner when recording from the rf connection. If you are using it use the fornt or rear A/V connections.

ok thanks for the response… But if a want to record a tv show trough AV cable with my VCR in the middle. Is this possible ? or should I try to figure this out by reading the manual ?

BTW it was not doing this the first week I got it. Just started doing this in the last 2 weeks or so…

There is a benefit to go from cable to VCR and then to 5005, you’ll get the stero sound if your 5005 tuner is not stereo (some have been reported to be, mine is not. My 5005A rf connection was noisy right out of the box. I made sure all the connections were tight, changed cables, rerouted the cables, tried the fine tuning with the 5005 in setup, and could not get rid of the noise so I use the A/V connections.

You could try the same.

ok thanks! I will try that… I was removing the noise on my computer using Audacity. Works very well but was time consuming. Would prefer to record it without that noise!!