Lvw 5005 - Broke again



Had this 5005 for more than a year (Manufactured July 2004). I bought it online from some place in Illinois, but have lost receipt.

Today, the DVD stopped spinning. All I get is ‘NO DISC’ on the top banner. I put in a storebought DVD and aligned it to be perfectly straight (all writing straight from left to right). Closed the door, got ‘no disc’ banner, opened door and noticed it was in the same position. The drive is not spinning. Has anyone had this problem? Where should I send this for lowest cost repair? I’m in SW Florida.
Thanks to all…
Mike . . .


If LiteOn will not accept a RMA, I would replace the drive.


I believe he said he has that in mind, but woudl like to know where to have the work done where it won’t cost him an arm and a leg…also seems to want it done close to home for him.

Naturally, relative newbie here has NO idea what to tell him.