LVW-5005 and recording multiple shows?

Hi all, here’s a question that the wife asked. She copied a program from the tivo which was 30 minutes, then pressed stop on the remote. When she then tried copying another program on the same disc, it only recorded up to 30 minutes and then stopped. Is there a way to increase the next recording if it’s longer than 30 minutes? I read somewhere about pressing the record button twice or three times to increase the time, but is this the fix? Am I missing something here? Thank You!

The record button is like a OTR (one touch recording) on a VCR. Press once and it will record to the capacity of the disc. Press once more and it is 30 minutes, press again and it will be 1 hr etc. There is no shorter settings other than 30 minute increments. She probably pressed record twice by mistake the second time around. These DVRs can be slow in response sometimes and you tend to push buttons faster and more often than you should.

Thank You so much for the info! Now does this work with the record button on the remote as well as the record button the unit?

Yes, I can confirm it works with the remote and most likely the button on the unit as well . It will show up on the status display on the top of the TV display if you are monitoring the output through your TV.

Also check that you have not set the default setting in the Setup Menu to HQ.

This will only give you an hour on a disc and could be another reason for the problem. The default setting is 2 hour and it may have been changed by mistake.