Lvw 5004



jumpy jittery picture on my lvw 5005 got worse.
So I returned it to Argos (uk) and got a 5004.

It is smaller than 5005, less noisy, has videoplus and better tuner.
stereo and no faint scrolling horiz lines like the 5005.

Has RGB out, but no progressive scan.
Has 21 pin Scart input cvbs. (according to the manual)
picture is definetly composite when viewing selecting scart (Sky input).

But when recording, played back picture is perfect looks like it was a RGB input.

My question is if it has 21 pin scart input, does it mean it will have rgb input?

I am very pleased so far, no jerky pictures yet.


Umm…I can’t see the 5004 on their web site.
Is it something that Argos only have in their shops?


The 5004 was listed when Argos had a problem sourcing the 5005 ( I think Liteon were recalling units due to faults, some say the fan was the fault ) the item was never listed on it’s own but up untill the start of february it would be at the bottom of the LVW5005 (533/4070) product, and if you did a ring and reserve it would be shown on the printed details, basically along the lines of " this item may be substituted for one of similar quality and specifications ".

But Argos have solved there 5005 problems so I assume any 5004s left may be sold to customers or returned to Liteon

either way I was hoping that Argos would move onto the 5006 but as yet no



Although not listed on their products page, the manual and firmware upgrades for the 5004 is available from their support page. I forgot to add it also has 3 hr mode.

I suspect it is an early 5006 produced in limited quantity.


I bought an LVW 5004 from Argos on Saturday 19th February
Only problem with it is the clock doesn’t update so when i go into setup and put the current time i check the time 30mins later and it is still the time i put in originally.

any ideas?



In standby do the digits on the lcd front panel tell the right time?
and do the digits change properly with time?

In the setup screen the digits are frozen when you access that screen


Hi The digits are still frozen on the lcd front panel. I noticed this when i tried to use the timer which requires you to put the unit on standby and when i checked it 30mins later it had the same time as 30mins before.


This is either a system crash or a hardware fault.
I would try to clear the timed recording, scroll to reset on timed recording page.
Remove disk.
Then switch off from mains, finally as a last resort goto setup page and restore to defaults. You will have to retune all your tv channels again though.
If it still doesn’t work or happens again then i suppose it must be faulty.

good luck


ok i’ll try to reset everything and pull the power. do you think it might need a firmware update?


For 5004 owners (those Argos customers in UK) worried about RGB in ,I got this reply from Customer Service Dept. Recorded picture quality backs this up.

Dear Sir,

Kindly be informed that this 5004 have capability for RGB input on SCART socket. In addition,the firmware could no changed the hardware.

Best regards,
Customer Service Division, DCBU =======================================
Customer Service Dept.
Lite-On IT Corp.
Email : DC_SUPPORT@LITEONIT.COM =======================================


[b]For 5004 owners (those Argos customers in UK) worried about RGB in[/b]
I got one of these today thinking I was getting a 5005. The loop-through (when the 5004 is powered off) from the scart in to out is certainly RGB. When powered up and with SCART selected as record source however, it appears to be CVBS from the patterning, although stuff I’ve recorded and played back appears to be RGB (I need to butcher a cable to confirm this).

Maybe a firmware upgrade will make the powered-on scart selection be RGB. So far recorded some stuff on VCD, SVCD and DVD no issues. One surprise, by mistake I put a PC ISO backup DVD in there intending to erase and re-use, it plucked out and played the MP3s and displayed the JPGs from the backup. I need to test this actually works but looks like it will play MP3s cut to a DVD, not just CD, which is a big plus point for me.


recently bought a 5004 from Argos, however after installing the firmware update, all the menu have gone to german and there appears to me no english option anywhere.
if anyone can help i’d be verrrry grateful



I had the same. Just press the setup button, go down one, press right then select the language on the right hand side.



tried that, but has virtually every european language excelt english. is it possible i’ve downloaded the wrong firmware option ? i’ve downloaded the ILOhack and used it to hack the firmware i’ve got - is it worth trying to use this to restore ?

Once again your help is much appreciated !



The two files it gave me for firmware updates were and, one for drive and one for the unit. It did put it in German to start with and English was four up from German. Can’t work out the order they are in, but it goes English, then two far east, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Polish and Portugese (then English again).


Just picked up one of these units manufacture november 2004 the drive is the 451s and the mainboard utilises the 8600 and is marked DMN8600. The output from my unit is definetly Composite and I have no option for RGB, yet the unit does put through RGB from the digibox. the mannal states that input should be RGB.

the inside is layed out differently to the 5005 models the mainboard stays in a similar place but PSU has turned around and runs along the left side of the case the output is also RFI protected by magnet.

The inside at the front is also more screened with a self adhesive copper sheet (grounded) running across the front.

Tuning was the same and as some of the 5005 units had done it hung when it found a source to work out the program ident, but in a strong signal area it still failed to correctly work out the date and time ( I have a couple of videos which do this and have never failed). This will be tested by me trying a Videoplus code if it fails then it is worthless feature for the unit to have

I found on recording that it would record from anouther DVD playing back a CSS protected Disk. The movie lasted 1hr and 20mins which it did in SP

3hr option nice but should be on the 5005 as standard

further testing to continue


…output from my unit is Composite, yet the unit does put through RGB from the digibox.
I haven’t proven it but I believe when the unit is “off”, RGB is looped through (as you say) but when “on” and the SCART is selected, only composite video is passed to the TV, however it appears RGB is recorded. I’d be very disappointed if this is not the case, the whole point for me is cutting stuff off the HD of my PVR so going back to composite is a retrograde step. Whilst Argos did say on purchase that a “similar model may be supplied” (and I’m pleased the 5004 seems to be better than the 5005 would have been) I would be gutted if it had no RGB in/out.

I don’t think the Liteon will ever have the menu structure and ease of use of larger manufactuers, but it does what it says on the can (or has done so far).


I agree with your point but having had two LVW5005Bs from Argos which were LVW5001Bs ( just different firmware) where the RGB was not avaliable firstly and secondly it would put through a blank signal when in standby, the spec is open to debate in my opion.

The manual does say RGB input but the option for RGB is not avaliable in the setup menu structure

And I did the firmware update now on version 0080.

Strange thing about the firmwares I have noticed is if the board has a LSI8602 chip the firmwares are 0090 upto 0098( present version ) yet with the LSI8600 chip firmwares start at 0063(I think they start lower but this is the lowest I have had ) up to 0080 ( present day )

All I noticed from the firmware update was the language default to German and when doing a timered recording the Videoplus has changed to the europe equvilient, still works though.


Ok, butchered a SCART cable tonight to disconnect the Composite Video In signal (plugged into my TV) and tested the cable on my various boxes.

  1. Thomson DHD4000 - unstable rolling output - i.e. RGB with no sync (expected as the sync is on the composite in)
  2. LiteOn 5004 - no video output - audio only (i.e. no RGB output)

Clearly the box has RGB-In through the AUX scart, and RGB-Out through the TV scart, since loop-through works (I can prove this by toggling the menus on my Thomson DHD4000 and the difference is visible) however it does not appear to output RGB through the scart.

Next I tried the separate RGB RCA connectors on the rear. These do output RGB on loop through, playback and tuner outputs. The top connector (Y - Green) has syncs, the Cb and Cr (Blue and Red) do not have syncs (this is expected). I used a composite-in from each of the R, G, B to prove this.

I can’t easily prove whether it is recording using the RGB-In from the SCART as without the composite in as the sync might stop the unit doing anything with the RGB anyway.

This is a show-stopper for me. I will email them asking if there is a firmware release that can cure this, as I believe there was for the 5005. I’m a bit disappointed :frowning: It’s almost like they quoted RGB-In and RGB-Out as a feature when they’re only a loop-through.


It does seem really stupid to have RGB throughput without the unit actually able to RGB it’s own output to the Scart socket

p.s. one easy way to test if you have an RGB input is to try removing colour from the picture being recived from the Liteon using the TVs own options