LVW 5002 - How do I make it region free?

How do I make it region free?

Help would be appreciated. Received a box disc as a present and it’s regio4 encoded and we are region 2 :confused:

Enter Setup
Move cursor to Exit
on exit enter numbers 2- 9- 6- 0 with your remote
Select region or region free from the newly opened menu


COOL - thanks a million :clap:

Just done it with LVW 5002 I just bought, using the 5004 code .

Enter setup
move select box to exit
type 2 9 6 0 on remote
menu select box will say region 2
press side key beside the enter on remote till it selects region free and enter

Dont know what happened but the posts above weren`t here befor I posted :rolleyes: :rolleyes: